May 092013
Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble insisted despite the resistance in the Union to grant also homosexual parents tax benefits.

"The tax benefits must apply to all couples, take responsibility for their children," he said of the "Rheinische post" after a preliminary report by Thursday. Despite marriage and family could be promoted but especially, he said without being specific.

In the Union is being debated for months about the equal treatment of gay marriage with the marriage between man and woman. German Chancellor and CDU Chairwoman Angela Merkel rejects a gender equality and reaffirmed a corresponding resolution from December. With the family split, the CDU seeks the conversion of the existing important. Thus, the tax incentives for marriage on a promotion of children should be shifted.

The Union - especially the CSU - locks so far against a tax equality of gay marriage. CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt an equality of gay marriage advocates had called "strident minority". However, it is the Union by the Federal Constitutional Court under pressure to act. The Supreme Court had insisted the adoption law and in the collection of the IMT on equal treatment for homosexual with heterosexual couples. Leading Union politicians want to wait before further decisions until after a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court to the equal tax treatment, expected in the summer.

Schäuble wants to tax benefits for homosexual parents. Domestic | Reuters

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