Mar 282013
Deutschland - Rogate-Kloster in Berlin sammelt Spenden für Homo-Festival

The monastery of Rogate collects for Russian Film Festival

The commitment to human rights is one of the Values, which is the Rogate-St. Michael's monastery of the Christian faith out committed white. It supports therefore activities that serve world's freedom of conscience and non-violence.

The housing in St. Petersburg"Side by side "Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) International Film Festival" we know us, because it committed against all forms of discrimination by gender, sexual orientation and identity. In particular the consistent, constructive and positive dialogue of the festivals in the field of religion, spirituality and church we welcome, deem him worthy and exemplary.

The Russian authorities make more difficult the work of side by side increasingly, including arbitrary prohibitions by the Baupolizei and access restrictions. A raid against the Festival Office in St. Petersburg took place a week ago, many other non-governmental organisations were promptly also been searched by prosecutors and police.

The Rogate monastery to help, so that side by side in the future can contribute to an open civil society in Russia. We ask for your support and collect donations, thus despite increasing State repression, the important human rights work, communication and others in our worship between Church and Kirchendistanzierten and cultural commitment of the Festival side by side can be continued.

We ask for donations for side by side:
Account 6010288019,
at the Pax Bank,.
BLZ 37060193. account holder: monastery of Rogate.
Keyword "Human rights"

This appeal is supported by: MdB Mechthild Rabe (SPD), MdB Renate Künast(Alliance 90 / the Greens), the LSVD, the Rainbow Fund e.V., MdB Volker Beck(Alliance 90 / the Greens), Markus Löning (Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Government), MdB Jan-Marco Luczak (CDU) and Abu-Baker tank (Die Linke).

An dem wir im Rahmenprogramm beteiligt waren, hier ein Film vom St. Petersburger-Festival 2011:

The Church and the LGBT debate on the "Side by Side" – Part 1 – YouTube