Apr 292012
Dieter Blechschmidt

With the defamation of homosexuals the CDU Councilman from Plauen, Dieter Blechschmidt, intervened in the ongoing controversy over the rights of gay priests in Saxony, Germany. In a post on an Internet Forum, the politician said that "gays and lesbians can nothing for their disease" and the "affected aid offered must be". Previously the 50 year-old, who is also spokesman for the CDU of Plauen, as a member of the Vogtland District Council sits and Mayor of Strassberg, had expressed in General against the occupation of Pastor posts by homosexuals. In a letter to the editor to the "free press", he wrote that gay although Christians and church members would be "only just not Pastor".

Baldwin: "gay has mental causes"

The politicians towards the "Vogtland-Anzeiger" with reference to the freedom of expression rejected first resignation on the part of the SPD. Such a reaction to his comments was "intolerant" and "no longer fits in our time," Baldwin told the newspaper. At the same time, reaffirmed his Antihomosexual statements of Christian Democrat and compared homosexuality with the alcoholism. "Gay is no physical suffering, but has psychological causes," he said.

Baldwin also said the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP), who was "not a good choice" for the post due to his homosexuality. He ask himself, "how a gay man wants to represent Germany in Arabia, if there the death penalty gay", Baldwin said.

Politicians in the Plauen City Council reacted strongly to the statements. "As a Democrat and City Council I am ashamed for those comments" about the SPD politician Benjamin Zabel of the news agency dapd said. He therefore demanded an apology or resignation from all offices by Baldwin.

CDU Chief distances himself from his Vice

Vogt land CDU Chief Sören Voigt from Falkenstein distances itself from statements his Deputy Baldwin. "This is a private opinion, which does not consider the CDU and also don't mean represents." It is also completely useless and alienating,"Voigt said on Sunday to demand the"free press". "I have myself homosexual people in my circle of acquaintances, which is no problem for me at all. What says Dieter Blechschmidt there is simply no longer up to date", as Voigt.

The Saxony CDU General Secretary Michael Kretschmer also distanced himself from the controversial comments. "This is an individual opinion," Kretschmer said on Sunday. The CDU respect homosexuality that she belong to society. Who is external to this topic, should do so in a form that is not offensive or discriminatory.

Only in the past few months, a controversy over the rights of homosexual pastors and priest was kindled in Saxony, Germany. About 100 parishes had joined together to "Saxon commitment initiative" and threatened with a schism in the event of a relativization of the mission statement of marriage and family by the provincial synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Nevertheless, the Synod decided that pastors and priests in Saxony in the future in some cases must live with their partners in the rectory.