Apr 052013
Gilden Kolsch

"We are looking for the hottest gay Prince of Cologne" is in big letters on posters and ads that are currently visible in the Cologne scene - that sounds about what the most party-goers do night after night in the bars, saunas and chat rooms of the scene too.

Behind this action is the Cologne guilds brewery: the title beckons the "hottest gay Prince" "Prince guilds", on the 28th at the final in the Gloria are awarded to own Prince guilds car for the freshly anointed Prince a week later on the Cologne Pride Parade included. On a dedicated Web site, candidates for the title of Prince can login guilds now, in a few days the community can vote then, who is the hottest for them.

For Sascha Schumacher, with guilds of the project manager for the action, the Prince freestyle is an affair of the heart: "guilds is the Kölsch of the 86 Veedel and all Cologne Kölsch. This includes of course the gay and lesbian community in the Cathedral City. Guilds Kölsch is a partner of the CSD, for example, for years and would like to provide now with a very special and customized action, which still did not exist in the type, appearance in the scene - namely elected Prince guilds."

Upon completion of the online vote 10 candidates with the most votes face then the audience and a professional jury in the Gloria. Under moderation by René Gligée aka Marcos Sahara the choice of Prince to include guilds in a whimsical program, accurate will not give him but still Schmacher: "one thing is certain: at the Grand Finale is René Gligée to moderate not only our top ten in the vote for the Prince guilds, but then there is also a really hot programme." We give up what bands and acts are in addition to the honey blonde-ensemble, from may www.Prince-gilden.de known."

Participation is worthwhile in any case: the entire top 10 is invited to the Prince guilds car at the CSD, also great - prizes each of them up to a trip to New York for two people, which the winner allowed to compete. For guests, there will be some surprises from guilds. Whether the Prince guilds should be elected annually from now on, or if it is a one-time action he wants to first wait: "we look forward to our action, as well as the gay and lesbian community and hope that we encounter guilds and our beer with Prince as much curiosity and skepticism at Cologne's gay men and lesbians. Therefore we wait once, as the action comes, after all, this is new ground for us."

Guild it should be but not done with this action: "we want to draw attention not only with actions to our Kölsch, but are also an integral part of the trendy shops. So far one finds the Mumu in the gay Bermuda triangle of Cologne and the Katten angle in the Eigelstein. guilds Kölsch in some stores of the scene, for example in the bar"

Prince guilds - final at Gloria
Friday, June 28, 20: 00
Entrance fee: 10 euro VVK €12 AK
Apply you can here: www.Prince-gilden.de

Brewery seeks gay Prince | inqueery.de