May 102013
Arantza Quiroga

Whenever Arantza Quiroga (photo) occurs anywhere, silenced the talks and this is due not only to her fabulous looks. The current President of the Basque Parliament to enforce white and is known for its strict labour discipline. It asks also candidly they by their peers.

The culmination of her career could come in a few days, because the current Chairman of the people's Party (PP) Antonio Basagoiti acknowledges his chair and Quiroga will be admitted the biggest chances to succeed him. The trained lawyer and mother of five has no problem with conservative figurehead of the party to be considered. On the contrary, the practising Christian who is the influential lay organisation Opus Dei, no opportunity leaves out to defend their values.

Decided she is against abortion and homosexual marriage, those set in her inaugural speech is remembered, as she was named the first female President of the Basque Parliament. "I would never use a condom." That earned her many blows and Häme, but Quiroga is known to take no hand in front of the mouth.

Their last child named Jesus

For this it is estimated they in the party as a 24 year-old managed to impress the then party leader José Maria Aznar with their research discourse. Only a month ago, the slender blonde woman has given birth to her first last child. She called it Jesus, all of their offspring have biblical names.

In her life, the new mother two weeks parental leave took for the first time, with her other children she had waived. The career of Quiroga amazed considering her family background. The father, a metal worker, was born in Valladolid, his mother was a staunch Baskin and wanted the daughter at the Basque nationalists of the PNV to be member. But at an early stage the young woman who speaks no Basque, the youth turned the PP to and served as communal Councilwoman from Irun.

She took it in purchase to be priority for the still active Basque terrorist group ETA. in 1997, a fellow party member was murdered just two hours after he had spoken with her. Since Quiroga committed to the victims of the terror, at the same time it follows the line of its predecessor and focuses its cooperation with the bourgeois nationalists ruling in the Basque country. "Tolerance and coherence", say her friends, "are their strengths".

Ute Müller

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