Feb 212012
Homosexuelle Lebenspartner können auf Steuererleichterung hoffen

The Finanzgericht Bremen has undertaken a further step to end tax discrimination against homosexual partners compared with married people. The Court allowed the registration of tax classes III and V instead of each I a lesbian couple with registered life partnership. The Bremen revenue have rejected that which is why the women complained. The tax court committed the Inland Revenue now provisionally to undertake the requested entries (AZ.: 1 V 113/11).

The Court saw doubt on the constitutionality of the differentiation between registered life partnership and marriage with reference to a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the unequal treatment of marriage and registered partnership in the inheritance and gift tax law.

Final decision may by the BFH

"Also weighing over" special interest, not to be discriminated against, the State's fiscal interest because of sexual orientation, it said in the release. The Senate had to complaint to the Bundesfinanzhof (BFH) in Munich against his decision.

Tax: Homosexuals for the first time tax equated to partner

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