Apr 162013

Thus, no member of the community has probably calculated: the Bavarian priest twelve announced after the Sunday service in the Church, that he wanted to become a woman. For his bravery, he gets respect.

It was a perfectly normal Sunday in the Bavarian town of Neufahrn, until the Evangelical priest Andreas joined twelve before his congregation and said: "I would like to say something personal you". As the "Munich Abendzeitung" (AZ) reported, he laid off his gown and for the first time, broke his silence about the two souls world where he lived for many years: "I would like to come me," he said. "I am a transgender woman."

His wife had been at this confession beside him. She is also a pastor. The community responded sympathetically to the surprise of twelve. There had been no murmur through the Church. According to the newspaper the 49-year-old told after his outing, how much he is drawn as a child to girl. "With five, I asked my mother: when am I pregnant?" She replied, "not at all, you are a man and have no uterus." Already at that time, he felt a deep sadness, which he remained until today.

His wife remains at his side

Twelve did not know long time whether he was crazy. Thanks to modern brain research now knows the priest: "I'm not crazy, the brain is right - but the body does not fit". The pastor with a sex-change operation wants to change that. His wife would remain at his side. The competent Dean Siegfried Stelzner came from Landshut to Neufahrn to moderate the conversation with the community. He also was relieved afterwards.

In the Bavarian Church is the first gender reassignment of a clergyman, a spokesman says the Church opposite the "AZ". The pair will leave the Church after Pentecost: "We want no conflict and no split in the community." Twelve sees much understanding and respect. "Hopefully you find inner peace", repeats a believer. The municipality would like to move the popular parish priest to stay, but his decision is clear.

"I am a transsexual woman": Protestant revealed himself to worship pastor - from all over the world - ABC online - news

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