Apr 252013
Michael Kauch

Premiere in the Bundestag. Nothing unusual is that an elected officials father. That now the FDP Bundestag parliamentarian Michael Kauch (45) about the birth of his daughter can enjoy, nevertheless. The Liberals from Dortmund is married with a man, the engineer Henry Patke (36), for four years. The two together with a lesbian couple did meet the fertility. The daughter was been born on Saturday in Berlin, Kauch confirmed yesterday in a conversation with the PNP.

"On the weekend I father have become. Mother and child are doing well. Together with its wife and my husband we are pleased about our wonderful daughter", the FDP-politician wrote on his page of on the Internet social network Facebook.

Two dads, two moms and a child - four parents and a baby, a not everyday patchwork family. The proud father does not reveal the name of the daughter, who weighed 3670 grams at birth, and was 54 centimeters tall. Child and families to remain a private matter, even if there is great interest of the media. The names of the mother and her partner should not be mentioned. There should not be deliberately photos and home stories.

There is a long list of well-wishers. He got almost exclusively positive reactions, Kauch reveals. There were congratulations on the Internet for the Rainbow family. "2 Mothers and 2 fathers, so it can also go", it is there. Or: "4 parents stress is hopefully only half as large."

Long he thought about. Only the baby desire is only his subject, but became then also his man. With his mother and her partner had agreed legally to take over caring for the daughter. All four parents want to take care of the girl. Kauch puts up for years for the equal treatment of homosexuals and same-sex couples in Germany.

According to a study by the Federal Justice Department lived around 62 300 same-sex couples in Germany. Including, it is estimated that at least 5000 families with at least 6600 children were at that time. Meanwhile, the number of children in homosexual marriages in Germany is estimated to 15 000 to 20 000.

Andreas Herholz

A baby with four parents

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