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The main thing Heels: We were at the drag queen casting in Friedrichstadt Palace there and have 21 candidates for the great Christopher Street Day gala accompanied.

! More, more, more, "says the coach in Gouvernantenton and says more pose, more attitude, more sex! And then he finally falls sentence here have all been waiting for, and has since Bruce Darnell achieved cult status, "drama, baby, drama" The assembled drag queens look as if you had them just said, they are more makeup hang up.

A trainer for the drama

Drag queens are, as far as drama, probably super heavyweight class in the model-discipline and if they do not need anything, then a drama coach. What role for Ernest look, as he calls himself, does not necessarily easier. The catwalk they are studying here on the football field stage at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, and so they totter behaved times from left, sometimes right on the legendary dance floor, throwing kisses in the air and tangled ever in Walle costume predecessor.

Cause of the unusual casting is the big gala, which at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, together with the organizers of the Christopher Street Day in advance of the street parade 14 Wants to host in June. 2,000 visitors are expected. In the grand finale, when 32 dancers throw in the longest "chorus line" of the world their legs in the air, 16 drag queens are also airing their skirts. For Sally Morell that actually means and Marcel is 34 years old, that would be the main prize: "Once standing on this stage, I've always dreamed of."

Revue and travesty - that goes together like magic fairy tale castle and. Take a little Las Vegas, stir it together with the retrospective on nearly 100 years transgender and queer scene in Berlin with their counter trannies and Trümmertunten and - voila! - Out comes a colorful dazzling stage show, as it can produce only Berlin Friedrichstrasse.

But considering this claim, the yield was a little disappointing. Just 19 Queens, some of which seemed quite male, had signed up with two Nachzüglerinnen there were then 21 If one adds the five-member jury, which had traveled in large numbers media representatives, photographers, cinematographers, writers and microphone holder, came to every Queen 2.5 professional observers. Every gay and lesbian street festival can muster more Fummel Trina.

"As hard as when Heidi Klum will not."

Maybe it was the word "casting", which sounds since Heidi Klum and Dieter Bohlen poisoned as "Fukushima" and serious talent contests the reputable paint spoils. Who wants to be compared as an adult, politically enlightened transvestite with spätpubertierenden girls at Germany's Next Top Model? Although director Berndt Schmidt, who took occasion to meet golden shoes on stage, promised: "As hard as it is not Heidi Klum."

Sally Morell left sees it: "If I do not keel over, I have pretty good chances." Normally it works in tinsel, a gay and lesbian club on Mehringdamm. She puts on there or performs on the small stage. Also Marina Bitch (28) has been professionally "gedragt," she says. She is from San Francisco by the renowned Berkeley University and studied in the framework of an exchange program with the Free University media studies.

Kelly Armnall (29) from Vancouver is also only recently in the city. Her husband studied international politics here. In Canada, they have often stood on the stage, mostly for social projects such as the "Open Schools" where children from underprivileged families are taught, for example, about homophobic behavior. Barbara Heels (28) originally from Budapest. It is part of the ensemble in the Friedrichstadt-Palast, location: male dancer. She also takes small travesty jobs, rather in the heterosexual milieu, at weddings or corporate events. She enjoys the role change and that they can live it in Berlin. "In Budapest, I would risk for spanking"

After a good two hours there look catwalk coach Ernest the winners: Barbara heels is 14 This June, Armnall Kelly, Marina Bitch and Sally Morell. Bling Bling has not managed to Chiara who has arrived in a pink fumble all the way from Stuttgart and as an understudy in "Charley's Aunt" acts. Disappointed, she is not yet, because actually it is more likely to latex and the German Fetish Ball, which will take place in the next few days in Berlin.

Then it will be exciting again. The jury has selected the ultimate drag queen from all participants. It is Sally Morell! She pulls up her arms as if she had just beaten Olivia Jones in the jungle camp. Later in the evening will be celebrated. From 23 clock hit the tinsel Mehringdamm the first to congratulate one.

It is drunk vodka and raved about the Friedrichstadt-Palast. But then you quickly change to more serious issues. What happens to the scene at the "dam", soon, when compared to the legendary SchwuZ closes its doors and moves into the former Kindl brewery to Neukölln? When the gold rush to open a branch? Gala or not - location issues are still important for Berlin drag queens.

2 Berlin CSD Gala: Fri 14.6, 19.30 clock, Friedrichstadt-Palast, Tickets from EUR 45.89 at.

Karl-Hermann Lam

Drag Queen Casting: Competition of Queens | Berlin - Berliner Zeitung

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