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Whether military, crafts or agriculture: still only a few gay or lesbian come out. Homosexual organisations want to change that.

Andreas Deyer farmer is happy, but he almost gave up his profession. Because he is gay and his own family could not accept that. "When I outed myself, that was a shock for my parents", Deyer recalls. Half a year talked his father not with him. The family hotel with dairy cattle, agriculture and grassland in the region of Lake Constance, the Deyer managed fifth generation, stood in front of the. The marriage had gone with his wife already in the breaks. "On the country it has spread quickly", Deyer recalls.

Now the forty-something lives openly gay for several years, and it is wonderful. With his friend he has come for a few days after Berlin, among others to visit a gay and lesbian Festival. But still, farmer on Lake Constance is Deyer. The relationship has put up with their parents. "Now I come clear almost better with my father as before my outing," says Deyer Baden accented. On his tight T-Shirt is "Stay true". Deyer wants to remain true, especially himself. And help others. Therefore, he engaged in gay farmers, the Professional Association for gays and lesbians in green jobs.

The story of Deyer is not an isolated case. While it has long for most no problem more is that Berlin has a gay Mayor or Germany there is a gay Foreign Minister in other areas of society further discrimination. An exception is still in agriculture, but also in the craft of outing. In pro football, practically never happens despite persistent debate.

"Our society is like to tolerant", says the head of (ADS), Christine Lüders federal anti-discrimination Agency. But in many environments still deeply rooted prejudices and aversion to homosexuality - exist "to to disgust and hate". Studies have shown that an outing in traditional industries such as mining, energy, agriculture and ecclesiastical establishments is more difficult than, for example, in media, gastronomy, culture and advertising. "A 'glass ceiling' is like for women in managerial positions also available for openly practised homosexuality", says Lüders.

Homosexual organisations fighting for equality

After all, there are now more and more homosexual associations. The Association of gay executives, the Völklinger Kreis (UK)that was one of the first of its kind. Here each other network managers, and executives from business, science, administration and culture. For psychologists, there is the Association of lesbians and gay men in psychology. You contact for more equality in their industries. Because as homosexuals are confronted with hurtful prejudices and resentments.

"Gay all have AIDS", was, for example, the first one that got to hear Andreas Deyer after his outing by his parents. And a friend of aunt said homosexuals are all "child molester". The region where the Deyers have their court, is also a very rural. After observing the federal anti-discrimination agency homosexual enemy settings are mainly in "set traditional conservative" sectors of society. "My father knew not only gay before my outing," says Andreas Deyer.

The only gay farmer in the district

Today, he is in his home region is still the only gay farmer within a radius of 30 to 40 km - at least officially. Unofficially, anyway, there are far more than just a gay farmer on Lake Constance and in all of Baden-Württemberg. "I know a lot," says Deyer. But when are times an outing would have married someone, this is often wrong. "The parents have not accepted or the environment, and therefore the Court was then abandoned."

To turn itself in cases of professional discrimination, would be the task of the German farmers Association (DBV). The area of gender plays a role in the Association's work quite, the DBV as intensively cooperates with the German rural women's Association, which promotes the interests of women and families in rural areas. With the gay farmers, there is no cooperation. The issue of homosexuality was "so far not occurred", says the speaker of the farmers Association, Michael Lohse.

The DBV represents 90 percent of the approximately 350,000 farms in Germany according to own statements. However, we assume that including gay members are, Lohse said. He could not say how much is the percentage of homosexual farmers. So far, there have not been problems with discrimination. If Yes, will we as an association but certainly "involved", assures Lohse.

The television channel RTL deals for some time with the issue of homosexuality in the agriculture in a very special way - in the series "Farmer seeks wife". 2011 and 2012 there first homosexual candidates on the sloping dome show with Philip and Denny. That was according to RTL well received by viewers.

The Association of gay farmer was initially little impressed by the rather clichéd and tuntenhaften appearances "Farmer seeks wife" - gay. In hindsight, the broadcast have causes but many positive especially in the rural environment. "There were up to nine million viewers. Since then many encouraging emails came,"says Deyer. Also on the street had gone to people on it and said: "Great, what makes you there."

Fight for full equality

The federal anti-discrimination agency urges policymakers to eliminate all areas of legal discrimination against homosexuals. "The State must be preceded by example, if a change of awareness to succeed", emphasizes ADS Director Christine of Lüders. To the addition of the feature sexual identity belong in Article 3 paragraph 3 of the basic law and onefull equality of marriage.

Andreas Deyer is not yet married. It would be too risky for his friend, because he works in the Bundeswehr. In the force, in which widespread macho tones prevail, outing is for homosexuals as particularly sensitive. His friend did not dare yet, Deyer says. "He has great concerns."

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