May 132013
Martin Walser (left), Gunter Grass (Author)

Martin Walser is doing. Günter Grass as well. Jasmin Tabatabai has signed. In the mailbox of the Bundestag, a remarkable letter in which a slew of celebrities and thought leaders put a clear commitment to the same-sex marriage ends up on this Monday morning: "Is equal, what is the same!"

Martin Speer - the open letter has given off by bicycle. The 26-year-old is a student, start up's founder and initiator of the action, with which he could win the approval of actors, writers, and College President just a few weeks from the whole Republic. "The aim of the initiative is the full opening up of marriage, regardless of gender and role model", says spear.

About one and a half months ago, the young Dexter had had enough. Enough of deadlocked discussion about same-sex marriage. Enough of the party-political tactics around the controversial issue: "since I thought: why not something move?" It is not human right to classify the love. Love is not just backförmchenkompartibel. Still we press as society continues in ideology-overloaded tins."

So green member spear prevailed at his computer, took the hand - phone and stationery and looked for prominent supporters. For him, the debate on gender equality is also a generational conflict. "Therefore I am pleased especially that I have experienced support so quickly even by people who have influenced earlier generations". Günter Grass and Martin Walser, for example did not hesitate, we immediately supported the call.

The weekend before the had can be the last signatory under the call. Complete a rag-tag list, from the size of the theater to the pop star about is. They all have joined Martin peers slogan: "the time has come to accept as it is love: free."

Open letter to the members of the Bundestag

Equates what is equal!

Dear members of the Bundestag,

There are moments in our history, there opens a door of reason and we have the opportunity to pass through as a society. Into a more humane future. The question of the opening of marriage for same-sex couples is just such a special moment. It is a matter that concerns all of us and moved us all. For it concerns nothing less than the core of our social identity; our image of marriage and the family - and love. The great social question: we, the citizens of this Republic, want to really measure the love between two people with double standards?

We and three-quarters of the population say no! Because love knows no gender. Same-sex love is also like any other love. You know joy, sorrow, pain, and confidence. She is born with heart pounding, remains, can also see tears

pass. It is part of our human nature, part of creation and as old as we are. And thus she wears something deeply human in itself; the desire for responsibility. For themselves and the future, our children!

The time has come that we let the delusion of the centuries behind us and open our eyes to the reality. Free of ideological blindness and the fear of the morning. Because truth is: love is what makes us human. To divide into two classes is not only human, everything. If two people no matter what sex each other decide, and responsibility for, the society and the

born and unborn future want to take over, then this is profoundly worth protecting. Because it is that band of responsibility that binds our society at its core. Family and marriage is where love lives! We contact us with this letter to all members of the Bundestag and enter for the full opening up of marriage for same-sex couples. We call:

Transcends party lines and equates what is equal!

Because love is what brings us together.

With future-facing yours.

The signatories

  • Sonja Anders (Chief dramaturg, Deutsches Theater, Berlin)
  • Bela B. of (die Ärzte musician)
  • María Cecilia Brittney (writer)
  • Georg Christoph Biller (conductor, Thomanerchor Leipzig)
  • Dr. - ing. Detlev Buchholz (President of the University of applied sciences Frankfurt/Main)
  • Günter Grass (writer, l nature Nobel Prize winner)
  • Catherine great (artist)
  • Wolfgang green hacker (democracy researcher, writer)
  • Gudrun Gut (artist, writer)
  • Vincent Immanuel Mr (historian, sociologist)
  • Jens-Daniel Herzog (Director of Opera, theater Dortmund)
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Hübl (junior professor for theoretical philosophy, Stuttgart)
  • Andrea Hanna Hall (writer)
  • Klaus now (Director, LSVD)
  • Kilian Kerner (Designer)
  • Kenan Kolat (Chairman of the Turkish community in Germany)
  • Burkhard C. Kapoor (Director acting, Nationaltheater Mannheim)
  • Prof. Dr. Annette Kreutziger-Mr (cultural & musicologist, author)
  • Patrick Lindner (singer)
  • Bernd Loebe (artistic director, Oper Frankfurt)
  • Prof. Dr. em. Hildegard Macha (Director of the gender Centre Augsburg)
  • Tina Mendelsohn (culture time presenter)
  • Wenzel MICHALSKI (Director, human rights watch, Berlin)
  • Gordon Müller-Eschenbach (author)
  • Prof. Martin Rennert (President of the University of the arts, Berlin)
  • Moritz Rinke (poet, writer)
  • Dr. Martin Salm (Chairman of the Board, Foundation "Remembrance, responsibility and future")
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Sahoo (Professor, FU Berlin)
  • Renate Schmidt (Federal Minister a.D.)
  • Dr. Satish Elmar Schreiber (President of jade College)
  • Dietmar Schwarz (Director, Deutsche Oper Berlin)
  • Dr. Charlotte since then (composer)
  • Martin Speer (initiator)
  • Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Dr.h.c. Josef Stockemer (Rector Hochschule Bremerhaven)
  • Jasmin Tabatabai (actress)
  • Dr. Angelika bags (Publisher)
  • Martin Walser (writer)
  • Dr. Roger Willemsen (writer, journalist)

German intellectuals and celebrities support gay marriage - mirror ONLINE

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