May 092013
Faroe Islands

A majority of the Faroese say yes to that gay will be devoted respectably on the Faroe Islands, according to a gallup poll in the country.

Gay on the Faroe Islands have traditionally had tough conditions, but now are bleeding the country's population up. A gallup poll as Danish National Association of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and Trans people (LGBT Føroyar) have made shows that 68 percent say ' yes ' to gay can get a civil wedding ceremony at City Hall or police offices. 28 percent are opposed.

The Islanders have had a reputation for having a strained relationship with homosexuality. It was also in force, as the leader of the Conservative Party (Faroe Islands), Faroe Islands Centre Party's av Rana, in 2010 refused to dine with former Prime minister of Iceland Jóhanna S, because she is a lesbian.

Back in 2009, the country's politicians, ruled that it was not an aggravating circumstance if a violent assault was motivated by the victim's sexual orientation. According to Vivi jelstrup, forperson, Danish National Association of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people (LGBT Denmark) shows the measurement a significant slippage in attitudes towards homosexuals.

"It has been very bad. There was much discrimination from the ecclesiastical circles who stands strong on the Faroe Islands. It was such that people committed suicide because of the conditions. There was real opposition in the population, "she said.

In the autumn the opposition puts forward a proposal in the Faroese Lagting on changing the marriage law so gay on Faroe Islands can be wedded respectably.

Jakob Chor

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