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There will be not changed much on the topics in the coverage of the ecclesiastical situation in 2012, predicts a number of observers

If they are already tired of hearing about the Church's position on marriage by gay actors in churches, there is no good news for 2012.

The debate will not fall from the storm to the soft wind, before the first same-sex couples have said "Yes" in front of the altar and the priest. Until then, people's Church a battleground on positions for or against.

"We are absolutely in the initial stages of the whole discussion about marriage of homosexuals. And what is with to screw it all up is whether or not the people's Church has been subjected to a coup from Church Ministry's side, "says retsteolog Kristine Garde.

"And it doesn't get any better when the bishops not mutually agree as to whether they should stick with the marriage of homosexuals under the purview of the Home Affairs or not. They should have stuck together. But one should not underestimate that there is a crisis between Church Ministry and bishops right now. And the bishops are already pressured by people, who agree with the Church Ministry in that marriage of homosexuals is not a problem, "says Kristine Garde.

Retsteologen adds that the marriage of homosexuals is one of the issues that are really pushing the whole people's Church into a debate about becoming master in his own house with a church Constitution – even those who believe that the Church Constitution is something evil power politics.

Also Iben Thran holm, Catholic theologian and until 1 January 1999. January editor of Danmarks radio's program of religion report, can see the clouds condense.

"It will be a big blow in Denmark. And if the Church Ministry intends to be a co-author on a ritual, so I doubt that the Bishops will find themselves in it. "

Iben Thran holm is deeply disagree that "it just is the same as that in his time the first female priests".

"One can hear the ecclesiastical right wing say that theology about female priests is not quite ready. But it is the one about homosexuals, "she says.

Iben Thran holm is also concerned for the self-hatred in Christian cultures, as she has pointed out for several years.

"Another trend, which will be even more dominant this year is the Christian self-hatred. And it requires a unified church to stand up against the development. If the church split in connection with the marriage of homosexuals, is also weak in other dangerous trends which, among other things, secularism and threats against Christianity in General, both in Europe and the rest of the world. "

The theologian believe that persecution of Christians within Europe's borders is getting worse year by year.

"When one starts removing hymns that are perceived as preaching, then there is something wrong," she says.

"The problem is that in the Christian culture, as Europe is, quite obviously was a hatred of Christianity itself, which turns more and more through. There is a spiritual battle going on. It began in earnest when the EU would not have Christianity specifically mentioned in the latest EU Treaty. "

This means according to Iben Thran holm not that there not under the large value matches is a large and rich spiritual life, which goes under the media's radar. But the wave goes virtually unnoticed.

Iben Thran holm believes that the idea of the European Christianity is abstract and intellectual. Far from Africa, Asia and South America's Christians living out in church services and other healing spirituality that will get highly trained European theologians to beat seven crosses for themselves.

"With us, there is no longer room for God, because we can. It is as though the Europeans in the constantly growing number of think it will be the best if the Christianity that has been the Foundation of our part of the world, had never existed. Also the trend will continue in 2012. But if the Church is split, so it goes wrong. The can't live as a direction indicator, if it is not comprehensive. "

Dr. theol. Svend Andersen is the author of the theological part of society for Church's report on a church Constitution, which was presented in the autumn. In the first Danish Constitution from 1849 States in paragraph 66, that "national church Constitution be regulated by law". Since then, it has been tried over 10 times to establish a church Constitution. However, Svend Andersen is optimistic on the point, and he believes that 2012 will be the year in which a Constitution for the people's Church has a far greater chance than before to become a reality. The reason is the debate on the marriage of homosexuals in churches. A debate that also he expects continuing year out.

"Church minister Manu Sareens (R) assault on the Church is a gift to the Church. For it shows exactly where the current system is unfair and unsustainable. For the Church Ministry is doing what he's allowed to do, when he apparently overhears Church voices in an internal affair, which rituals by wedding ceremony, of course, is, "he says.

"That is why it is important that the Church grabs the glove and agree on an agency for people's Church in the form of a completion of article 66 or not," he says and continues:

"As it is now, no one is responsible for the creation of a group, which could lead a proper debate on the future structure of the national church. It requires a public Church governing system. "

Svend Andersen has also another ulterior motive when he crosses fingers for a more independent Lutheran Church.

"I think not, but I hope that we will be in a Church agency can get a more urban debate loomed over. It is easy, when you are sitting alone in a secret place in front of the computer, to spray venom out in letters to the editor and learned articles. It will be much more constructive to meet in forums where you look each other in the eyes. "

The Professor is far from sure that it can manage to find Chamber tone up in 2012.

"But then we could at least try to acquaint themselves with what the other party does, rather than just responding in the post, which does not take into account the point of view. However, it is enough, unfortunately, only wishful thinking. "

Secretary General of the Danish Bible Society Morten T Haase, as in 2011 wrote the book "the third reformation", counting also with that 2012 will continue to be dominated by debate on the marriage of homosexuals. And here will be the next blow enough about the wording in the ritual or the rituals, he said.

But he also points to another very large folkekirkelig event: menighedsråds elections to november.

"Although the Advisory Board has gotten a cold shoulder from opposition at Christiansborg [Parliament building], I believe that he is realistic when he talks about the marketing of the church up to menighedsråds the election, for elections can be a crucial turning point in the Church's history."

Morten T Haase points out that in the last elections to the Congregational was a historically low number of match options, and a record number of Parish Council, who could not find enough people.

"It's an almost brutal wake-up call for democracy in the people's Church if it continues in this way," he says.

Morten T Haase remains an optimist.

"Many local church people have found out, that the Church is not a matter of course. Therefore, there may be a backlash, where more signs up in order to preserve it, as they really appreciate. And then, of course, bear in mind that public worship minister I.c.1 C introduced Congregational in order to give people more influence, because what you have influence on, keeps you more of. It may perhaps be applicable again, "says Morten T Haase.

He also points that the Catholic Church might publish the lawyer study was set in motion after debate and police investigation of abuses in the Catholic Church in Denmark. No one was charged in the case, since many of the cases were outdated, and were therefore not investigated.

"But if it turns out that there are cases that are treated inappropriately, I am sure that the debate flares up again."

And so think Morten Thomsen's ­ gaard also that there will be renewed pressure on the relationship between State and Church. Also more generally than wedding ceremony of homosexuals in churches and the question of a church Constitution. And in this case he is partially agree with Iben Thran holm.

"Before, it was the culture of radical wing with the newspaper Politiken at the head, who spoke for the separation of State and Church. Now it's also the ecclesiastical right wing. I fear that a church Constitution will result in the State to lose interest in the people's Church. And so is the road to divorce got easier. "

Morten T Haase also believe that Manu Sareen continues to fill much of the media.

"He is here, there and everywhere and juggles both with church financial technique and personal questions about what he thinks of how he celebrates the holidays and everything else. Communication terms, he does it well, but with so many opinions, he also opens a barn door for criticism and new discussion, "says Morten T Haase.

President of the National Association of Parish Council Inge Lise Pedersen "really do not hope that the discussion on wedding ceremony of homosexuals in churches is going to fill the rest of 2012".

"I'd rather focus on the organizational part, as I know the most about," she says.

She points in common with Morten T Haase at menighedsråds elections as one of the great established events in 2012.

"I think the next period as menighedsråds Member will be easier than the previous one has been. It has been difficult with the new economy system, but I think that the worst is over. "

But in the future will be so "sweet as in the old days" to be menighedsråds Member, no count on.

"Councils have the same problems as small businesses, and it doesn't change in the years to come. The State controls many things today, which it did not do for years back. Among other things, there is more protection of staff appraisal interviews, workplace assessments and so on. Small businesses are buying them to professional help, and it makes some Councils also. And it is a movement, I think continues, "says Inge Lise Pedersen.

On the other hand, hope Ward-roots in 2012 happens Chairwoman something drastic in comparison to the parish structure.

Or in other words: church closures.

"There are no procedures for how a church is closed, or how councils can be grouped. It is therefore only at the individual Councils. There is a report for consultation on the Committee's competences deanery paves the way to conciliation, consisting of menighedsråds members from all parishes in the deanery, can empower the Committee to change the structure of the deanery provs hushed up. "

"In this way, it is not the ward Council, which dismantles its own church, for it is not a Parish Council to," says Inge Lise Pedersen, who hope that the Congregational will take against the proposal.

"The proposal will mean that it may be an end to the paralysis, which is about the Church's tax revenue be tied in brick and heating bills, while there is not much left for the development of the Church, where people are. To be developed in service forms, diaconal, baptismal training and a number of other actions to get an exciting and enterprising people's Church. This does not happen, if not freed up resources. "

Inge Lise Pedersen speaks not only about Providing the Danish folk moving to larger cities and the many medieval churches.

"It's the same trend we see in the cities. Here moving people also to other neighborhoods, or building new neighborhoods. And therefore, there are several things that together means that the current structure is not compatible with a vigorous Lutheran Church, "says Inge Lise Pedersen.

The Committee, working with the many medieval churches future fate in the often sparsely populated parts of the country, must also be completed in 2012.

"If population trends continue as they are now, one cannot reckon with the fact that they can all be maintained. But as soon as a medieval church is taken out of use, it is automatically protected, "says Inge Lise Pedersen.

The year that has just begun, so according to fortune tellers and bear-wives both old conflicts with itself, but also the hope for a vigorous public Church.

Bente Clausen

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