May 162012
Aalborg Denmark

A daughter from North Jutland had speechless accept that a priest refused to bury her 74-year-old mother, because his mother had lived as a homosexual.

It was a priest from the Diocese of Aalborg, who a fortnight ago refused to stand for the funeral of Kirsten's mother, who has lived with another woman in 30 years.

Not enough with that daughter should come over just to have lost her mother, she was also confronted with the priest's shocking announcement.

-I was wondering, can the real be right that we should be ashamed of it? I looked at my mother's partner, she was completely quiet, and so I was really upset by it on her behalf. It is a terrible situation to put her in, tells Kirsten Østergaard evening show on DR1.

With the mother's partner is 80 years old, and they have lived in registered partnership in most of the years they have lived together.

The priest has since regretted his decision to refuse to bury his mother – but only after the family had written a personal complaint to the Dean.

-It was a flagrant mistake on my part, the biggest mistake I have ever made as a priest. It was a Blunden and shorting of dimensions and completely at odds with what I stand for. I had first said yes, but did so in thoughts that it could be wrong to conduct the funeral of gay, when I do not want to participate in the wedding ceremony of gays. But it was a completely erroneous inference. I've asked for forgiveness – so far with two of the survivors family, explains the priest from the Diocese of Aalborg.

The apology gives Kirsten Østergaard, however, not much.

-I don't know what I'm going to use it for? It is about his view of human nature, and I think since is not changed. He has since probably regretted it, but surely it is not because of us, but more because he has set itself very bad situation.

Hope on debatKirsten Østergaard hope never, that others should come in the same position, and would therefore like to boost a debate about the clergy's personal views, view of humanity and values in the Danish Lutheran Church and the consequences for the priest's illegal action.

-I believe that the Church must be upgraded to 2012. Priests must not be allowed to manage and sort at the door, as they do when they for example will not vie signs or gay, "she says.

Ritzaus Bureau/Nyheder


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