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' Homolesbians ' is the name of the new program series on DR3, who in four programs draw a portrait of the lesbians environment in Denmark. The first program broadcast Monday 6. may kl. 21.30.

Is homosexuality as an illness until 1981 on the official lists in Denmark. Over the years, doctors have tried to ' heal ' lesbians with, among other things, hypnosis and electric shocks. But science has not yet managed to identify "type homolesbians". So now makes a last attempt DR3 – with a great glimpse the eye.

' Homolesbians ' is the name of the new series of DR3, who in the course of four programs draw a warm, unpretentious and humorous portrait of the lesbians environment in Denmark. Programmes takes us out in the lesbian nightlife looks at whether there is a lesbian look and are with, when Anne Sofie at 22 years, jumps out and takes with Betina and Mette on semen-hunting. First programme – ' the source ' – sent Monday 6. may kl. 21.30

From the source and the appearance – to the nightlife and reproduction
In the course of the four programs examines the DR3 lesbians environment from four different themes; The source, the nightlife, the appearance and reproduction. In the first section, it is about the big moment, when you tell the world that you are a lesbian. Anne Sofie on 22 years has not told his closest girlfriends that she is a lesbian. We are with, when she invited them to dinner and have something important to tell you. Kirstine on 35 years has broken with her husband, after she at a late age is tripped. Now she is ready to be introduced to other lesbians.

In Copenhagen is a small, but intense lesbian go-in-city environment. Nyudsprungne lesbians release all inhibitions loose, and they experienced watching ' new meat on the market '. The environment provides the freedom to be what we are. But when everyone knows everyone, and there are ex-boyfriends around every corner, it also creates intrigue and gossip.

Julie will into the lesbians environment
We follow, among others. Julie, who has grown up between Slagelse and Skælskør in a small community consisting of 10 houses and a bicycle mechanic. Julie stood all alone with his sexuality and could not bring himself to tell it to anyone. She didn't know what she was going to do, but through the network, she had contact with the lesbians environment in Copenhagen. Julie dreaming about getting into the lesbians environment, feel at home and meet other lesbians and perhaps meeting a cute girl who do not judge her, but likes her, as she is.

DR3 is also exploring whether we can talk about a lesbian style. You can look at a person, that she is a lesbian? You can see it on the map trimmed and compact pair of Belle and Amphibian or on Signe, who often must disappoint heterosexual guys flirting with her?

Finally, visit the program families with MOM, mother and children. We're on the sperm-hunting with Betina and Sue, who must find a donor for their second child. When MOM and MOM goes from each other, there will be new mothers to – or perhaps a father, if one's mother is bisexual – and then it becomes confusing.

Homolesbians on DR3
The source (1: 4) – Monday 6. may kl. 21.30 on DR3
Hunting ground (2: 4) – Monday 13. may kl. 21.30 on DR3
The look (3: 4) – Monday 20. may kl. 21.30 on DR3
Reproduction (4: 4)-Monday 27. may kl. 21.30 on DR3

DR3 is examining life amongst ' homolesbians ' – dr. com/About DR/news from DR/news from DR

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