Aug 072012
Czech conservative group challenging gay march in Prague

The conservative group D.O.S.T. has asked Prime Minister Petr Necas (Civic Democratic Party, ODS) to take under his auspices its protest action against the planned homosexuals’ march in Prague.

For the support of a “rally on the defence of pride of normal people,” the conservative groups has already asked two politicians of the ruling ODS, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda and ODS deputy chairman Jiri Pospisil.

They said this in a letter published by the group at its web page.

The group already protested against the festival of sexual minorities and their Prague Pride march last year when it was held for the first time.

This year, they will start a protest meeting at the time of the march that is to set out from the Saint Wenceslas Statue and then walk through Prague’s centre.

The group says the march is obscene and publicises an intolerant ideology of homosexualism.

The group has turned to Necas as a leader of a rightist party that has repeatedly “claimed to adhere to the conservative social and family values.”

Svoboda supported the Prague Pride festival and rainbow march this and last years.

For this, he came under the criticism of the group as he, as an “allegedly conservative politician” should not do so.

D.O.S.T. also asked Pospisil, former justice minister, for support.

“It seemed to us suitable to address this man who is, thanks to a media indiscretion, known with his homosexuality,” the letter said.

It said it wanted to stress that it was not against homosexuals, but against homosexualism and aggressive activists.

Along with D.O.S.T., young Christian Democrats will stage a march in support of “traditional family” in the Prague centre.

The gay march is also opposed by fighters against abortion.