May 092013
Jeffrey Weeks

British sociologist Jeffrey Weeks, gay activist and author of several books on the social influence on sexuality, was recognized today in Cuba for their contributions in that field during the sixth Cuban day against homophobia, the most important event in the fight for LGBT rights in the country.

University of the sciences medical Havana recognized Weeks "for your valuable participation and theoretical contribution" to the scientific work and the development of the sociology of gender in Cuba, where the Professor of sociology at the South Bank University London is visiting for the first time.

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro and Director of the National Center for Sexual education (Cenesex), emphasized the influence of the texts of Weeks in the formation of Cuban professionals and work integration of campaigns for sexual rights in the island.

"Authors launch their words to the ocean and sometimes takes long time find a home to those words, I am very honored that this bottle has come to Cuba", Indian Weeks after the tribute and prior to participating in a panel on sexual diversity in Havana.

To review the current situation of the movement for sexual rights in the world, Weeks stressed that there has been "a revolution in the ways of theorizing sexuality" and forms of recognition through new technologies as part of globalization.

"The fact that sexual issues are now transparently spinal cord on the social and cultural political agenda as they were not just half a generation ago, highlights that profound changes have taken place in our cultural landscape and individual and collective priorities," said.

The British sociologist also expressed the need for "sexual rights" to establish a dialogue "through different cultures and stories".

As seen, if only insists on the "ideas of sexual identity and norms developed in Europe and America," there will be no "benefit" for millions of people of different cultures in the rest of the world.

Weeks traveled to Havana invited the sixth Cuban day against homophobia which organizes Cenesex, organism that leads in Cuba campaigns for the rights of sexual minorities and promotes the discussion of a draft law that would recognize aspects such as the legal union between homosexuals in Parliament.

Cuba recognizes British sociologist Jeffrey Weeks for contributions to sexual theory - Terra Mexico

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