Apr 142013

The Member of the Parliament of Cuba, Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro, said that his country is ready to recognize marriage between persons of the same sex.

Recently elected member of the Parliament of Cuba, sexologist Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro, told Terra that his country is ready to recognize marriage between persons of the same sex.

"I think that Cuba is ready (to recognize equal marriage), although many people do not believe it", said the Communist, during a visit to the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, where took the opportunity to see the work of a local hospital in the area of sexual diversity and the treatment of HIV.

Mariela, for 50 years, is world-renowned for his work on the Cuban National Center for sex education, and said that it will use its mandate as an MEP to expand the scope of the work that has developed.

"As Congresswoman I will do the same thing Ive done so far: continue lobbying and advocating to make our MPs and members aware of the need that our country forward also in this type of legislation, regardless of the LGBT population already enjoy equal rights of all people", says. Mariela acknowledges, however, that in "specifics", as in the field of legal recognition of marriages between people of the same sex, Cuba still continues rowing.

"While do not arise the law in Parliament, we do not lose time and since 2007 we are working in an educational strategy and social communication to raise awareness among the population of the need to establish concrete actions that demonstrate our respect for the freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity," said.

The Communist Party (PC) of Cuba and its main leaders, like his uncle Fidel Castro and Che Guevara revolutionary, have a history of homophobia and gender discrimination, as recognized own Deputy. In previous interviews, Mariela recalled that, in the past, the PC used to expel militant gays and even created the military units of support to the production (UMAP), recruiting homosexuals by force to be "real men".

On the other hand, Mariela says that the situation has changed in recent years. "Something that fills me with pride that finally the PC, in his January 2012 Conference, adopted a goal aimed at combating all forms of discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity, something which had never understood and that was proposed for the first time in communist politics" said Mariela.

"This leads to concrete actions and, somehow, it supports what we are doing."

Consulted if you plan to submit a draft in the Cuban Parliament to establish equal marriage, politics claimed to have that intention for a long. "Makes time that we have such a plan, but there is much resistance and we continue to work to finally achieve that it is submitted and approved," said.

Mariela told Terra that his father, Cuban President Raul castro, advised her to work to ensure the necessary support for passage of the legislation before submitting it.

"There are people with more experience than me say imagine to present a project that does not have enough support." It is best that you continue to work in this educational strategy to meet more people who accept it and then present legislation '. She was my father who gave me that advice, and I thank you because I realized that is right", said Mariela.

Source: Terra.