Mar 042013

The Association of psychologists of Costa Rica issued a statement defending that treatments should aim at removing the stigma.

Last July, the leader of Costa Rica human rights, Justo Orozco described homosexuality as a sin, and that sexual orientation can be changed. Recently, the legislature has had to apologize for statements which said that only recognizes homosexuals "when they drop the Duster".
There are different types of treatments that claim to cure homosexuality, ensuring that it's disease, in many cases using practices that do not have any scientific basis or medical, even in many countries have denounced cases practiced torture with minors.
The Association of psychologists of Costa Rica has condemned any attempt to "cure" homosexuality through therapy, ensuring that it is unjustifiable, and that the focus should be on eliminating the stigma around homosexuality, without trying to change it.
Marisol Fournier Association spokesman said: "we do not focus on whether homosexuals are born gay or become gays, they focus on what they are." As psychologists, we must ensure the conditions so that these people can live a life with emotional integrity, and this means to recognize them as subjects of their own sexual orientation and totally mark out this idea of homosexuality as a disease."
Pilar Márquez