Apr 262013
Colombia - Todos tenemos derecho a fra-casarnos de la misma manera (Laura Galindo M)

For days I try to write about gay marriage, but when I know it mononeuronal like me and the neuron is revealed, there is no record or commitment that is worth. My social life comfortable and happy elapses between paisas and homosexuals without me being neither one nor the other, but I feel an honorary member of the two, so useful that I have a space to say nonsense uncensored my mom that I have not read I wanted to write something about it.

The first thing that occurred to me was what I always think, open the text with a personal anecdote that is fun and has to do with the subject. That began my frustrations! Even my gay friends are incredibly funny, I could not find a story that depended exclusively on being gay. Then I tried to talk about marriage, but I distressed it was like I showed Rumpelstinki and if I mention it three times. That of fra-marrying and having to meet the man of my dreams of course even in their own activities, as tested remedies for your problems with constipation, buried among tissues and mucus from a cold or cutting his toenails, just me chills.

Until then, it's been almost a week and I discovered two things: number one: I stay spinster possibly need to purchase a parrot, three male cats with pop divas names are in the plan, but I need to talk to. Number two, there is no difference for practical purposes between gay and straight, that's why I found a story that could not happen perfectly without the company of my gay friends. The people's sexual preferences do not influence the way they interact with the world, so if influences and should not, is the way the world interacts with them. In short, being homosexual is not to be different, but the company insists on making it so.

To further illustrate this issue I'm going to let a couple of examples: on one occasion one of my friends kissed her boyfriend at a restaurant and the manager respectfully asked him not to because I could inconvenience other customers. Later, when I related the incident to another friend, heterosexual and excellent person, he replied that no one had the right to judge what the other was doing, but it was like marijuana, I smoke but who wants to make spaces look.

We split, my gay friend has a boyfriend, go out to eat with him and gives him kisses as any heterosexual ago with her partner, until then, not doing anything that depends exclusively on you like people of the same sex. For anyone who is not normal is for the administrator, who thinks my friend and her boyfriend as an uncomfortable situation, it is he who is segregating based on sexual preference and it is he, who is taking a not atypical behavior itself it and turning it into something reprehensible. Also my other friend who is not gay, who has no problem with gays but think they can not participate in the same public spaces of heterosexuals. My friend is not gay is not a bigot or ignorant, much less a retrograde, the manager of the restaurant, just might. My friend is not gay, just represents the position of Colombian society to the whole thing, we've come a long way, so it is no longer considered a reason for exclusion, but still thinking themselves as something different.

Restaurant managers also are congressmen and after discussing with arguments which have nothing argumentative, put the Bible above the Constitution and talk about aberrations, equal marriage collapsed. However, according to Case 577 of 2011, effective June 21 same-sex couples may enforce a contractual union solemn, that day, a judge or a notary legalize marriages marriages. Again, for practical purposes homosexuals and heterosexuals have the same rights but different name, is a de facto equality but not for my concept and although we are winning, equality remains a half.

Fra-I do not want to marry anyone, but I like to be sure that if one day I just melt the neuron and lose all reason and objectivity, I can change your mind and spend my days raising children and seeing the man course my dreams started hairs ears. Hopefully someday all have exactly the same certainty.

APPENDIX: My personal lawyer insists that says something about the conference singing "Te mando flores" such as New Zealand, my neural limitations do not allow me to fully understand the speaker, but hey, there it is.


Everyone's entitled to fra-married in the same way - He who complains, their woes away