Nov 212012

Organizations such as Caribbean Yes, LGBTI worktable of Barranquilla, members of Congress, political parties and people in favour of citizenship rights, have expressed their indignation and condemnation against the homophobic statements of party conservative Roberto Gerlein barranquillero Senator. OrgulloLGBT at the time of issuing a statement)see here) joins the call for a Chile face the Congress of the Republic on Tuesday, November 27 and invites everyone to join with public messages on social networks.

The statements made by the Parliament in the first Commission of the Senate, also of inciting the rejection to the LGBT population, are far removed from the concept enshrined in the political Constitution, State layman.
The LGBT Board of Barranquilla, space formed by social organizations, business establishments for public LGBT and activists, rejects the positions assumed by the parliamentary party conservative Roberto Gerlein costeño intrinsically.
"Sex dirty, disgusting, that deserves repudiation", "It's excremental sex, and I forgive, but can not I I become spokesman of such unions, which lead to that kind of excess, and by nature are repudiated by the very nature," look you, who say that I don't like the Bible, to me if I like the Bible, I'm going to quote Genesis"", look, look, the voice of the father, the voice of God, go forth and multiply, and populate the Earth, that is on the front pages, if you read the old testament, they should not have it forgotten ", and this population on Earth on behalf of homosexual unions, yes that would have been complicated and difficult"
Statements made by public servants in the first Commission of the Senate of the Republic, also of inciting the rejection to the LGBT population, are far removed from the concept enshrined in the political Constitution, State layman.
We demand public apology of conservative Senator and spokesman of the political party and also respect for the decision taken by the Constitutional Court which ordered the Congress to legislate on LGBT issues until mid-2013.
With astonishment and indignation we reject these acts of persecution and discrimination not only by this member of the blue base, but also by many candidates and candidates who made political campaign in 2011, at the expense of abuse and violation to the rights of the LGBT population in Colombia.
Public servants of public, as the Senate of the Republic corporations, with the jurisdiction to which they are granted, not choose them democratically so that it rises with Bible in hand, to legislate and offend, but to build on consensus laws in favour of the respect and recognition of the Colombian population in general, we ask yourselves, is this the country of haterejection and exclusion we are building to inherit it to our daughters and daughters?
As of the day of today in Bogota, especially to the baranquilleros, reminds us of the offenses made by Max Acuña and Esther Molinares, members of the City Council District, during the discussion of the Plan of development of Barranquilla, who, based on passages from the Bible, insulted and assaulted the LGBT, saying "gays are evil beings, badly seen by God", acts that despite the allegations made by the LGBT Board and the organizations that compriseto date have not received response or punitive action or public apologies by the aforementioned Councillors.
To the public, in particular to the media, we invite you to take part in promoting respect for rights of all without condition of race, sex and creed, we work together by a country, which does not fear to look into the eyes of future generations, a country that hurts another person's paina country that looks to the afro, the raizal, indigenous people and women, as human beings.
Only to the extent that we concienticemos respect deserving the differences we will obtain the so long-awaited peace, that peace which both discussed, that peace that we so kindly, that peace will not be built in Oslo or Havana, but that peace that we will build each day accepting the condition and human dignity in every day.
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