Apr 262013

The Superintendent of notary and registry, Jorge Enrique Vélez, said to the notaries of the country from marriages between persons of the same sixth, after sinking in the Congress of the project that sought to legalize this link in Colombia.

Velez said that what will make the notaries from June 20, are solemn contractual links, which is what commands the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

He added that in this sense, none of the 872 notaries in the country may refuse to make that link, claiming "conscientious objection".

Meanwhile, the Senator Claudia Wilches (Party of the U) clarified the scope of the decision of the Congress of the Republic from sinking the project on gay marriage and said that simply reaffirmed the provisions of the Constitution, that marriage is between a man and a woman.

"This shows that here in Congress represent the will of Colombians and willingness triumphed," he said.

The Senator Wilches added that "this vote ratifies the individual and collective will against a very sensitive issue for society and stressed that"here also triumphed Colombia families and future generations that were not silent and expressed his desires through social networks, peaceful mobilizations and movement 1H1M across the country in favor of marriage between a man and a woman".

He also said continue mouthing words of slander against Colombia and its institutions does well to the country, democratic results are results that threw the plenary of the Senate and the State as a whole must accept that Colombia and its representation in Congress was determined.

Finally, he noted that "our country is not late, who makes such a statement ignores reality and does not love the nation, Colombia is a nation unique in the world and we will continue making a difference".

Notaries are not going to celebrate gay marriages: Supernotariado | News Bogota and Colombia | Radio station Radio Santa Fe 1070 am live

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