Apr 192013

In the event that Congress does not comply with the deadline that set you the Constitutional Court to legislate the rights of same-sex couples in what it has to do with marriage, the notaries in the country already have ready the draft of which would be the contract to solemnize the marital bond.

www.caracol.com.co He knew the text of the draft contract to be submitted to the approval of the 870 notaries in the country in which the members of the couple solemnity their marital bond to form a family.

At the first point of the contract is established that "is its free and spontaneous will SOLEMNIZE their MARITAL bond in accordance with the considerations contained in the judgment C 577 of 2011." The above, to constitute a family, through a legal bond, which formalized and made public his personal commitment, which is oriented to form a community of life and love."

Later the fifth point requires that "the Contracting Parties declare that the date, they FORMALIZED their MARITAL bond as a stable couple solemnly and accept the rights and obligations this manifestation brought by accepting the duties and obligations arising from the formation of a family, with legal effects, among them and against third parties".

The document is known in moments in which the Attorney, Alejandro Ordoñez, holds that notaries can not formalize the marriages of homosexuals. According to the head of the public prosecutor's Office "there is this kind of marriage is replaced the Constitution".

Colombian notaries ready contract for the formalization of marriage gay | Maracaibo news and events of the Zulia 24 hours a day in Venezuela

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