Apr 182013
Si al matriomio

Faced possible collapse, they work on Protocol for judges and notaries. Debate for Tuesday.

Although the gay community can again losing the political battle to achieve recognition, by law, same-sex marriage, in practice its intention to formalize a union, with duties and rights identical to heterosexual couples, it will begin to govern in two months.

That would be the immediate consequence of the possible collapse of the initiative in Congress, as expected before the Alliance of 'U' and conservatives to vote against. On Wednesday night, the plenary of the Senate decided to postpone the discussion for Tuesday. The argument: there is no transmission by television.

Being a draft statutory law, you need qualified majority, or 51 votes, so that you can move to the third of four regulatory discussions.

As it is impossible, because you must pass constitutional control before the presidential sanction, that before June 20 is issued a new law on the subject, that date will apply which ordered the Constitutional Court: "If the relevant legislation is not issued, couples of the same sex may go before a notary or judge competent to formalize and solemnize a contractual relationship that allows them to start a family". (Read: 'Is the historical moment not to vote in favor of gay marriage').

In this case, be the Superintendence of notaries and the administrative Hall of the judiciary instances that will define the legal name of such unions. Moreover, these agencies are already working on protocols that regulate which should make judges and notaries that date. (Read legal if the standard sinks onstage).

"They won't celebrate marriages. It will be a solemn contractual relationship", said at the time the Superintendent of notaries, Jorge Enrique Vélez.

As the Court ordered, Velez said that notaries can not refuse to perform the ceremonies of unions between homosexual couples, but in principle the instruction is to not use the word "marriage" in any documents and procedures that formalized the legal process.

In fact, there is already a draft of a format similar to that used in civil marriages, which makes express relationship all patrimonial, testamentary rights and social security, as well as the commitments of solidarity, mutual support and responsibility deriving from the union between couples gay.

That union, warns the Court, "formalizes the commitment and becomes possible to make public the link that binds the couple made up of spouses of the same sex, which to the company or the Group of acquaintances or relatives gives you legitimacy and corresponds to the dignity of persons of homosexual orientation that are not specified to hide their relationship or affection that leads them to form a family."

The Government, through a statement of the Ministry of the Interior, reiterated on Wednesday its "total commitment to the defense of the rights of minorities" and considered "essential public debate open and thoughtful".

Angélica Lozano, Councillor of Bogotá which supports this cause of community LGBTI, that could intervene, said surprised by the postponement of the debate and said: "it is important that we met what they think people are against". One of them is the President of the Senate, Roy barriers, who asked another figure other than marriage or if not "vote negatively".
Court said that 'they are family'
1. Although two years ago the Constitutional Court gave term until June 20, 2013 so that, if there is a law that regulate gay unions, applies its judgment, Congress can legislate on the matter after that date.

2. The law to be approved eventually must have a minimum floor: you can give such unions marriage or any other name, but in any case the effects are identical to heterosexual marriage. It applies even the crime of bigamy.

3. According to the judgment "(...) What is beyond doubt is the condition of family that have joints formed by same-sex couples".

4. The sentence in any case points out the possibility of adopting. The Court examines a guardianship which could lead to such recognition, regardless of whether or not the gay marriage law.

In New Zealand, 13 countries give endorsement

New Zealand on Wednesday became the 10th country in the world (the first Asia-Pacific) to legalize same-sex marriage. The Chamber of Deputies approved the reform of the law that regulated marriage since 1955.
"The (old) law regarded homosexuals as inferior human beings. The current text allows make sure that the State does not discriminate any category of the population, on the basis of their sexual orientation,"said the homosexual member of Parliament and author of the reform, Louisa Wall.

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