Apr 242013
Colombia - Hunden en el Congreso la ley del matrimonio igualitario

Congress voted negatively the controversial project that sought to legalize marriage between persons of the same sex in Colombia.

Bill sank in the plenary of the Senate, to be denied by just 17 votes in favour and 51 votes. Then the Senate Presidency quickly gave then to the agenda for the day.

At the end of the vote, some senators who arrived late, about 4:00 in the afternoon when it was cited at two in the afternoon, as the conservative Jorge Hernando Pedraza, protested because they could not afford.

"Congress is foolish, and sometimes so stupid, that ends up taking off rights to legislate the Court to legislate, because the Court Yes known constitutional postulates again. Congress seems that you only know of postulates of the Roman Catholic Church. This seems a facade of Cathedral but it is like a stall at last", said Senator Roy barriers to its output.

Speaker Senator Armando Benedetti project said this fact showed that the Senate is "caveman". "This is a Congress that has shown that there is, that is not represented or likewise, that retardant, that is from the third world, because while the first world as France were legislating on the subject, we here wanted to look like the Congo and in Uganda."

Different opinion was the conservative Senator Roberto Gerleín, who had harshly criticized the project, and considered its collapse as something that was expected.

"Things remain as they come, there is this total disruption of the civil regime, the regime of rights in this country, was a long-awaited vote, 80 per cent of the population in Colombia is heterosexual, Congress reflects that situation, as a democratic expression," he said.

Between both the Senator and Chairman of the conservative party, Efraín Cepeda, said that "the position of the party was surrounding guarantees same-sex couples but do not accept the term marriage and the issue of the adoption".

The Christian movement watch, Carlos Baena, Senator declared that "what sank the project was the name I wanted to him to give to the union, marriage, all the time insisted on that and polarized the discussion".

For Senator of the tendency of progressivism, Camilo Romero, who supported the project, "there is still a hope, is that our grandchildren are going to laugh at this episode, fortunately societies are more advanced than this type of Congress, believe that it has been sad, is the recognition of the denial of minorities".

Turn the Senator and incoming President of the Corporation, Juan Fernando Cristo, said that he regretted that this discussion had polarized as it happened.

"What don't found me positive either for Congress or for the country, is that we who have both factors of division, polarization, internal war, make this a healthy debate in a pitched battle, must be addressed with greater serenity, in case our were defeated, but I think it is absolutely normal and was sung this vote".

The gay community's fight continues

Currently several protesters in favor of equal marriage asked the gay community who come to the notaries to demand marriage between same-sex couples.

While detractors claim that they are happy because be endorsed "the family" and the "electorate", say in the square.

Should be remembered for its failure so the project will be able to be presented, according to the laws.

Since the beginning of the debate the Attorney General's Office, was opposed to egalitarian marriages and the Government, meanwhile, is has walked away from the discussion.

The conservative party and the party of the U, agreed not to support the project and therefore the majority voted negatively.

Currently homosexual couples in Colombia be registered before a notary calls "de facto unions" or "civil unions", but that it constitutes a marriage and they enjoy all the rights, including adoption.

Since 2007, couples of the same sex, by decision of the Constitutional Court, can be inherited and joining the health and pension system.

The project was presented to Congress because the July 26, 2011 the Constitutional Court, left this decision to legislate on the marriages of same-sex couples.

Although there are no official figures, non-governmental groups as diverse Colombia, which defends the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, estimated at least 8 per cent and 10 per cent of the population of the country of some 46 million people is gay and at least 300,000 Colombians are same-sex couples.

Equal marriage: sink in Congress the gay marriage law - El Colombiano

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