Apr 042013
Colombia - Denuncian agresión a activista homosexual por escoltas de senadores

The Councillor of Bogotá, Angélica Lozano, made public the complaint and said that assault occurred in a public ceremony where the prosecutor was present.

The Councillor of Bogotá Angelica Lozano reported that during an event carried out in the Congress of the Republic on Thursday, and in which the subject was the implication of establishing gay marriage, a gay rights activist was attacked, apparently by the bodyguards of some senators who attended the event.

It was explained that during the meeting which was attended by the Procurator General of the nation, Alejandro Ordóñez, the activist was the victim of a series of attacks.

In this regard, through his Twitter account, the Senator of the party of the U, Armando Benedetti, reported on the controversial fact. "Unprecedented acts of physical aggression against @AngelicaLozanoC for defending LGBT group in event against #MatrimonioIgualitario", said.

Later added: "I just put complaint with Colonel Zuleta of the Congress on violence against @AngelicaLozanoC. He promised to investigate what happened".

Denuncian assault a gay activist by Senators escorts | Colombia | Vanguardia.com