Apr 252013
Carlos Gaviria

The former President of the Constitutional Court and Congressman Carlos Gaviria today regretted that the debate on the proposed marriage between same-sex couples has been superficial, especially among lawmakers who opposed.

Gaviria told Caracol Radio that the debate was rather poor, because while advocates of the project presented serious arguments, those who opposed it mostly gave undercover arguments. "I liked the position of (Senator Robert) Gerlein because he spoke front, said that Catholic beliefs not removed them to legislate, but others not deepened", said the lawyer.

Already traditional prejudices are not enough, you have to give arguments to support a cause, he added.

After the collapse of the project, Gaviria said that the country was in a situation that is somewhat ambiguous, as "is does it give the name to a contract that has all traces of that name". And he added that the solemn contractual link, which can be from June 20 in notaries and courts competent, "certainly seems to marriage".

"We think that if we remove the name, the contract is not what it really is," added Gaviria.

On the other hand, he said that community which is promoting egalitarian marriage has not failed, and on the other hand, has given some significant advances.

In that sense, compared the situation with Francia, which on Tuesday approved thesame-sex marriage. In that regard he recalled France brings a big advantage to Colombia in matters historical and social and, however, just two days ago resolved the issue.

Equal marriage debate was very poor: Carlos Gaviria - 20130425

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