Apr 232013
Colombia Congress

Congress, in the second of four debates, has planned Tuesday vote a controversial Bill which aims at the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex in Colombia.

The 102 members of the Senate are cited to three in the afternoon local time (2000 GMT), said the Press Office of the Corporation.

The debate began on Wednesday of last week and was postponed, among other reasons, because some senators argued that, given its importance, should be transmitted by the State television channel.

The project will go ahead with a vote by a simple majority, i.e. will need the votes of at least 52 of the 102 senators. If the project fails, you can return to be filed, according to Colombian laws.

"I think that as things are going, the Constitutional Court will be that finished defining the equal marriage," said Senator Armando Benedetti, of the Governing Social Party of National Unity (Party of the U) and who presented the draft law together with the representative to the camera Alfonso Prada in August.

Since the beginning of the debate, the Attorney General of the nation, in representation of the Colombian society, it has expressed its disagreement with the egalitarian marriages. The Government, meanwhile, has moved away from the discussion. Last week it emerged that the major parties in the Senate, the conservative and the La U, agreed not to support the project.

For example, the President of the Congress, Roy barriers, said in his speech in the Senate last week that he agreed with civil rights for same-sex couples, but not with marriage or adoption of children by gay couples.

The Catholic Church said last week in a statement approved marriage between same-sex couples would be giving them "to such unions legal recognition that, implicitly, subverts the order established by human nature and our constitutional and legal framework".

According to the cardinal Rubén Salazar the stance of the Catholic Church "is also shared by the vast majority of the Colombian people, for historical and Evangelical, churches that join with us in this effort common to safeguard the true nature of marriage and the family".

Activist Angélica Lozano, who is also the Councillor of Bogotá, has insisted that "equality is unstoppable, equality is irreversible and we will for equality that it only guarantees the civil contract of marriage a civil contract that is a struggle as the right to vote or the right to study of women or to demonstrate that Indians do have soul or that slavery is immoral".

Today gay couples in Colombia be registered before a notary calls "de facto unions" or "civil unions" but unless this constitutes a marriage and they enjoy all the rights, including adoption.

Since 2007, couples of the same sex, by decision of the Constitutional Court, can be inherited and joining the health and pension system.

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