Jan 312013

The censors in China have reduced in 40 minutes the Hollywood film, eliminating scenes of love homosexuals, heterosexuals and fragments for the image of China.

The new film by the Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrixin collaboration with Tom Tykwer, it was presented Tuesday in Beijing with the china Zhou Xun and the presence of actor Hugo Weaving and it can be seen in cinemas from Thursday.

The tape has passed for 172 minutes last 134, after theElimination of "passionate" scenes by the associated distributor in china, as reported by Associated Press. The deleted parts include the romance between the two protagonists male, showing that homosexuality is still a taboo subject in the Asian giant.

On the other hand, remain the most violent sequences of the film. According to the Asian producer, Qiu Huashun, CEO"It may be that the Chinese public viewable over a palomitera film. And the characteristics of the Chinese market were taken into consideration in the development of the Chinese version of the film."

One of the criticisms that has been Cloud Atlas is the difficulty of the argument, adapted from the novel by David Mitchell, which no doubt will be increased for the Chinese spectators since they count with one quarter less footage.

The Deputy Director of the Bureau of literature and art publications, Wei Xinhong, he expressed his concern on his Weibo, the Chinese Twitter page: "What kind of time we live? They still want to control the minds of the people". Increasingly those who complain openly through social networks in China of such actions.

Protests concerning cuts both in national films as foreign and also the submission of information that could not leave China. But the extended version of the tape can be downloaded through the Internet, something which according to the film buff, Kong Kong, 27-year-old will be the choice of many people, who "prefer that to going to the movies" as points out from Shanghai.

Cloud Atlas It is not the only film which has been adapted recently. Skyfall James Bondpremiered last Monday in the country It was also trimmedeliminating scenes that mentioned child prostitution in Macau and the torture carried out by Chinese intelligence.

Executive producer, Philip Lee, assured Thursday that knew that they would have that "meet the requirements of the censorship" in advance. Even so, the creators of Cloud Atlas they say trust in the work of their Chinese co-producers, the Dreams of the Dragon Pictures company, maintain the integrity of the film.

Angela Muñoz