Apr 022013
Rolando Jiménez

This week the movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh), will present at the courts of Justice an application for protection which will seek to ensure that citizens can express freely in the country according to the existing Constitution which dictates.

On appeal, the leader explained that “referring to the constitutional guarantee to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed, with all the evidence we have in the last 12 years of the marches of sexual diversity, we will go to court.’re Going to get to the latest judicial or constitutional guarantee that once and for all citizens to gather peacefully to express their political opinions, social and cultural rights are respected, “he said.

Regretting what happened in Saturday’s march when they were prevented from reaching the Daniel Zamudio animita Park San Borja, Jimenez explained that “the remedy of protection we’re going to run against the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Juan Antonio Peribonio, who started taking the first time we met for the issue of the permit, which was complicated marcháramos at Easter. So here’s religious convictions authorities overlap to a democratic secular state of law that are supposed to be. After appealed to public safety issues and reject all because an alleged infiltration of our march. “

“I think the initial argument that I gave him (Peribonio), for it was complicated marcháramos at Easter seems to be imposed. Well, it seems that the police high command is present the Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ because it does not understand so much violence and virulence in gear that is historically well evaluated. I have a letter from the police last year where we welcomed the development of the march that gathered more than 80,000 people. congratulated us because there was no damage , riots, a peaceful, familiar, then you do not understand, “said Jimenez.

Asked if still maintain good relations with the government of Sebastián Piñera, the leader said that “we have put in question our relationship with the government. Were the only social movement that we recognized some merits respect civil rights of sexual diversity. We were the only organization with some political weight that the government acknowledged some work. This has been challenged not by us but by the government with their actions abusive, authoritarian and repressive on Saturday, “he said.

During Monday morning Movilh left in the Palace of La Moneda a letter which asks the President Sebastián Piñera urgency Life Couple Agreement (AVP), as well as to explain and investigate the repression and obstacles placed by the Administration and police to carry out a “March for Justice and Human Rights of Sexual Diversity.”

Courts Movilh resource presented by right to march – Terra Chile