Jul 132012

The public commotion generated by the murder of young homosexual Daniel Zamudio, who died on March 27 after agonize over three weeks after being attacked by suspected neo-Nazis, has streamlined its processing.

Chile on Thursday enacted a law anti-discrimination Act Zamudio to called and which punishes any arbitrary discrimination by race, religion or sexual orientation, filed seven years ago and fast-track after the death of a young homosexual at the hands of alleged neo-Nazis.

Since 2005 had in Parliament this initiative, which was adopted last may, establishing a project that defines the concept of 'arbitrary discrimination' for the first time in the body of the Chilean law and punishable with fines ranging between 400 and 4,000 dollars.

However not progressed and remained dormant in Congress, by the refusal of parliamentary conservatives who believed that it would open the door to same-sex marriage, prohibited in the current Chilean legislation.

"Thanks to the sacrifice of Daniel, today we have a new law which I am sure is going to allow face, prevent and punish arbitrary discriminations that generate so much pain", said the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, to sign the new legislation in the Government Palace.

LOAs Daniel Zamudio parents attended the event, in addition to representatives of the Jewish, Arab, indigenous Mapuche communities and the disabled, among others. The new body of law defines the concept of 'arbitrary discrimination' as "any distinction, exclusion or restriction which lacks reasonable justification, carried out by State agents or individuals, and which cause deprivation, disturbance or threat in the legitimate exercise of fundamental rights".

For Movilh, "law Zamudio is without doubt a historic breakthrough, but at the same time requires institutions that it make it practical." In that sense, we will strive for an institutional anti-discrimination that provide support to all excluded sectors and to monitor the correct application of the rule. Similarly we will fight because this law in the future be improved and amended, in particular in relation to grant compensation to victims of discrimination, something that was included in the original project, but which was excluded in the latest procedures."

From now on, who feel discriminated against may file suit in the courts and will be a judge who will determine if it was or not subject to arbitrary discrimination.

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