Apr 032013
Chile - Minorías sexuales piden acelerar ley de vida en pareja

The movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh) today called on the Chilean Government to speed up processing at the Congress of law agreement of life as a couple, to the fact that there are more than two million people in the country who live with others without being married.

The request is based on the results of the population census conducted in 2012 and announced on Tuesday.

In Chile there is, according to what they themselves declared to census, 4.795.901 married people, 2.078.727 people living with a different sex partner without being married and 34.976 people living with a same-sex partner,
"We are in the presence of 2.113.703 people that live with people of the same or different sex, demonstrating the urgent need to approve the agreement of life in pair (AVP)," said Movilh in a statement.

Since this movement asked the Chilean Executive to "give urgency to the proceedings" and assured that "the parliamentary endorsement is" and that what is missing is "urgency" and "the improvement of the AVP".

According to Chilean law, only the Executive can determine the degree of urgency that a Bill should be transacted in the legislature.

The total number of people living with someone of the same sex represents a 0.36% of Chilean households and 20.747 are women (59%) and 14.229 are men (41%).

"Special is our joy because more women that men recognized their union." Lesbian reality has always been less visible in public spaces, but this time raised the voice, and raised it strong", said since the Movilh.
Also, described as "historical fact" that thousands of same-sex couples recognized their union as "a country with high levels of discrimination".

"We know that people of the same sex are more than those reported, because many prefer to keep in reserve its union for fear of discrimination," said.

Finally, they stated that the figures are "hope" for "increasingly" more people dare to come out "of the closet".

The 2012 census was the first that included a question about the sexual orientation of the Chileans, which was evaluated positively by the Movilh by the same Foundation, another organization of sexual minorities.

In a statement, stressed that same fight does not end with the census, "because it has not focused on the number of individuals, but on the right of each person to be treated like any other society, enterprises and the powers of the State"

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