May 092013
Ingresan Proyecto de Ley de Identidad de Género propuesto por organización de transexuales

Senators / as Juan Pablo Letelier (PS), Ximena Rincón (DC), Ricardo Lagos (PPD), Camilo Escalona (PS) and Lily Pérez (RN) entered May 7 Tuesday a bill for the state to recognize the gender identity of transgender people. The project, written by attorney Gauché Ximena Marchetti and Transgender Organization for the Dignity of Diversity OTD, allow trans people to change their legal name and sex on the birth certificate and have an identity card according to your identity gender.

The income of the project was supported by Foundation Equals, Human Corporation, MODESOL, SOL Foundation, Teachers College Rancagua, PCBS, sexual diversity UPLA Coordinator, Action Gay Valparaiso and Santiago, Union Aphrodite Online Galaxy La Serena with the / o More than 60 activists and allies who came to the conference.

The current law name change, does not include sex change, so there is a loophole that seriously affects people who need to rectify this data and who can not get through the current procedure in civil courts, many of which have been declared incompetent in the matter.

Andres Rivera, president of the Organization of OTD Transsexual, said "our bill is based on international standards on Gender Identity and Human Rights and greatly improve the quality of life of trans people who currently see dashed all our development potential for not having a card that identifies us, exposing us to a series of violence and discrimination. "

The bill consists of 11 items and enshrines gender identity as internal and individual experience of gender as each person's deeply felt, which may or may not correspond with the sex assigned at birth, and recognize the right of every person to be treated in accordance with their gender identity and, in particular, to be recognized and identified that way in public documents proving their identity with respect to the name and sex.

A first step to recognition of gender identity, was its incorporation into the second article of the Law Against Discrimination and circular respecting trans people in public health centers, issued by the Ministry of Health in 2012.

Gauché Ximena said that "the purpose of the bill Gender Identity is to end the exclusion that results from the lack of legal recognition of gender identity in people in which there is a dissonance between their identity and the feel of his body. In this sense it is an objective different from that pursued at the time the current anti-discrimination law. The purpose of the draft gender identity law is to establish an appropriate mechanism to allow Trans people in the competent court requesting recognition of their identity and an end to situations now occurring from the use of a standard that is not the ideal ".

Senator Ximena Rincon stated that "we have seen and reviewed this issue many times and have experienced the drama of violent persecution against trans people. I live in Talca, with the burning of the houses of several of you and escorted leaders yourself Dress (Andres) and we have liked a lot more organized reaction of the community. We need positive action and that is the purpose of this project is what was missing in the anti-discrimination bill. We need to give many more steps to end discrimination in this country. We have talked many times the discussion rules the country and this is where they are most needed, so we are here to accompany this bill Gender Identity ".

The Citizens' Bill Entering Gender Identity Transgender organization proposed by

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