Jan 162012

The Minister of health, Jaime Mañalich, defended the decree allowing doctors to contact couples of people carriers of AIDS, with or without the authorization of the patient. The measure produced division in the members of the Health Committee.

The owner of Health said that the Decree authorized by the Comptroller General of the Republic, is within the legal framework and aims to inform a possible carrier of HIV before reaching a denouement fatal.

Mañalich said the goal of the country is that AIDS product nobody die from the year 2012 and emphasized that it must be understood that the disease is a normal infection.

After criticism from anti-discrimination organisations, Mañalich said that the decree is a superior good for people who do not know they are sick.

For the Member of the Health Committee, the Socialist Deputy and doctor Juan Luis Castro, the measure is positive and avoid shortcomings as what happened 2007 in Iquique, where the welfare services did not report in a timely manner to the carriers of the disease.

Meanwhile, for the medical and also Deputy Manuel Monsalve, public health being at stake is necessary to inform a partner of an HIV carrier must first enter a legislative discussion.

In our country by every known carrier with HIV, there are 10 who are not aware of having the infection.

biobiochile - Jaime Mañalich defends decree allowing contact partners of AIDS carriers