Mar 082012

After the brutal attack suffered by a group of neo-Nazis young homosexual, the Prosecutor's investigation to determine the causes of the fact, focuses on the Park close to San Borja, place where Daniel Zamudio was found unconscious.

The Prosecutor in charge of the case, Ernesto Vásquez, noted that investigative line is basically towards various neo-Nazi groups and given in the Park San Borja. Esto difficulty, is that still there is no presence of witnesses, by what the task is focused on the revision of audiovisual material that allows to collect evidence of this attack.

The family of Daniel Zamudio arose in the North-Central Office for details on the progress of the research. There is satisfaction, since the public prosecutor's Office has filed all its resources to clarify the facts. While for the day Thursday, the Prosecutor in charge will meet with the Metropolitan Mayor, Cecilia Pérez, who says that he will share legal criteria that will allow the case to have a successful resolution.