May 132013
Marcha por la Igualdad

Historical success of the March for equality, which toured the streets of Santiago of Chile this Saturday at a time in which on the one hand the approval of the so-called agreement of life in pair (AVP), a civil unions law open to couples of the same sex getting discussed but whose handling has been delayed, and in which demand is also the adoption of a law on gender identity allowing transgender people to modify their registration details without the need of court ruling.

Around 50,000 people, convened by the movement of integration and Liberación Homosexual (MOVILH), with support from other organizations, they marched through the streets of the center of the Chilean capital in a March that traditionally takes place on the occasion of the already close international day against homophobia and transphobia, and which this year has been the most crowded of the held so far. Phrases in favour of social and legal equality, rainbow flags, couples of the same and opposite-sex, children and young people joined a festive March which had as its climax the performances of different artists.

Political attendees included the head of the delegation of the European Union in Chile, the Spanish Rafael Dochao; the Mayor of Santiago, Carolina Toha, and several candidates to the presidential elections of November: Andrés Velasco, Tomás Jocelyn-Holt and Marcel Claude. Other two pre-candidates, Marco Enríquez-Ominami, and Michelle Bachelet, movilh sent a message of support. Bachelet, now President of Chile between 2006 and 2010 and today it appears as one of the favourites, he promised a few weeks ago its support to a future adoption of equal marriage.

The President of MOVILH, Rolando Jiménez, thanked the presence "of each of the individuals and families here present. We still remember when we started this struggle in 1991. A handful of people added to our marches, there are now thousands, families with children, and children. It is exciting. The country has fortunately changed and the State should be responsible for these transformations". "The Government and the National Congress should take note of these mass mobilizations that demonstrate again and again that the majority of the country is in favor of full equal rights for sexual minorities. The political class always says that we must listen to the people, but with that not enough, action must be. Acting means currently approve the agreement of life as a couple, not only because it is fair to two million cohabitants, but also because it is an ethical duty of the State,"he added.

Success of the "March for equality" in Santiago de Chile | HTTP://T.CO/FDLRTLT0

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