Apr 142013

(Washington) The Inter-American Commission on human rights declared"permissible" demand that the Liberation movement and integration Homosexual (Movilh) He brought in 2012 to the Chilean for the disqualification of that country state so that same-sex couples can join in marriage.

In the coming weeks, the international agency must notify the Chilean State on the demand of Movilh. This action, the first of its kind in America, originated because in September 2010 three same-sex couples sought to marry in Chile, unless the State allowed it.

This cause lawyers sponsors are the American jurist Hunter Carter, next to his Chilean counterpart Ciro Colombarawho from Washington explained that win this litigation, the outcome of the action taken by the Commission could be replicated in other countries.

To exemplify what might happen in the event that the Chilean Government lost this lawsuit, the lawyer recalled what happened with the exhibition of the film "The last temptation of Christ", which had been censored in 1997. On that occasion, the Inter-American Court of human rights sentenced the State to amend the Constitution as it relates to prior censorship in a period of six months.

The President of Movilh, Rolando JiménezHe said that the next step in this process is that Chile is officially notified of the admissibility of the claim. Jimenez said that, independent of the Chilean legislature to advance in the discussion with respect to the legalization of same-sex so-called projectAgreement of life partnerthem not withdraw the demand, since they are completely different issues.

Source: Bio Bio Chile



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