Apr 162013

In an interview broadcast Sunday on National Television of Chile (TVN), she explained that "the world has moved" with respect to same-sex marriage and that support for these bonds has grown since he left the Presidency in 2010.

"I think that should move forward and discuss this and that there is only one type of family. "There are no stereotypes, here what matters are the different types of family, where there is affection, support networks, and that all those families should be considered", she said, promising a reform to legalize same-sex marriage.

On the other hand, with regard to abortion, the exmandataria defended that it should be offered all the mechanisms to women to take"people, based on her own convictions, decisions that seem most relevant". According to the Penal Code of 1874, abortion in Chile is illegal in all cases.

"I think it is important to discuss the issue, and that we must legalize at least in case of pregnancy product of rape and therapeutic abortion. I feel that as a country not we follow closing their eyes to reality,"the candidate added.

"When people are forced to have an abortion, because that is what is happening in reality, is because he had no previous options that would have enabled him avoid a pregnancy not they sought, they did not want, then we have a problem we have to face," said Bachelet.

The candidate was also questioned for its management of the earthquake and the tsunami at the beginning of 2010, few days before he ceded power to his successor and current President, Sebastián Piñera. Bachelet has been widely criticized since his Government withdrew the threat of tsunami little until it reached the coast of the country.

Bachelet acknowledged that at times they worked "blindly, because that did not have adequate communication systems."We did everything with a great sense of protect Chile and Chileans who lived way so bitter,"he said.

Bachelet promises the legalization of gay marriage | HTTP://T.CO/FDLRTLT0