Mar 262013
Australia - Secretly hoping an epiphany can resolve gay marriage doubts

The following is a deeply disturbing passage liable to cause sleepless nights and split families asunder. ”Who really loses if we win? Where’s the injured party? … The legalisation of same-sex marriage takes nothing from anyone.” That is from Frank Bruni in The New York Times. Here’s another scary one, from white rap popster Macklemore, expressed in [...]

Mar 262013
Deutschland - Erstes Regenbogenfamilienzentrum Deutschlands in Berlin eröffnet

Father father-child? Mother father-child? Parent-child, mother and child? Or yet mother mother-child? No matter. Family is where children are. The opening of the Rainbow Family Centre in Berlin-Schöneberg on 15 March turned out to be a demonstration for a modernization of the definition of the family. And for equal treatment for gay lesbian parents. "Rainbow families are not second class families", brought in a video greeting message to the Lesbian and gay Peer Steinbrück [...]

Mar 262013
日本 - 性的マイノリティーの子 理解を 教育関係者が取り組み 当事者交え議論 研究大会

Such as do not match the mind and body of transgender and homosexual minorities ( sexual minorities ) in children if the school is large mental and physical burden. Troubled and isolated, bullying or lead to the non-attendance cases. Movement trying to help, and understand the situations that have been active in the education stakeholders. "Care-think not only in the fact to class 1 or 2 people are LGBT child '. In February held in Kumamoto, Kyushu district of Education Conference. Given support to children with diverse sexuality theme in panel discussions with the parties. The LGBT acronym in English of the bisexual gay lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; These sexual minorities of the population ratio is approximately 3-5%. During puberty, changes in secondary sex characteristics of the separate men and women in uniform and toilet, love bud as in to gender incongruity or strongly tend to and then ran in the negative sense of self said. Said that about 9 percent of the people diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID) President of society according to gender clinic of Okayama University hospital doctors, nakatsuka, m., (51) GID up to junior high school students felt gender incongruity. Also, those who tried to commit suicide in the analysis of patients in 1452 people 58% self-concepts 30% climbed. Nakatsuka, ' can also minimize beard and breaking in the treatment. Connecting healthcare also important is the role of the school "and stressed. 真 (24) to attend the University of Fukuoka Prefecture participated as a panelist on the family women in men's hearts. Junior high school uniform skirts in pain, offered to the homeroom teacher. Came back "says such selfish and do in society". After a desperate and cloaked feelings. Was also time I think anyone, I want to die and turned around. When the 19-year-old is found out about LGBT San. Confided to a friend, was accepted by became easier to live. Spoke more quickly if the opportunity at school learn about LGBT life began to move and think. Introducing and exchanging the experience itself was Mr. Yutaka Fukuoka Prefecture announced the gay teachers, (31), or bully a gay child on heterosexual love heart society, drow image future worries. Please tell me the correct knowledge and without seeking to deny minorities in front of the student teacher called. Also in Fukuoka City human rights education efforts are underway. From 2011 journal Access the special features about a wide variety of crossed over three times. Detailed information such as desired experience and basic knowledge, parties and parents and schools. At last year's summer meeting discussed the Subcommittee. In the Director-General (48) elementary school teacher Otani, k., ' issues there were a lot of people can't raise the voice until now, have been overlooked. Want to begin to know first of all, learn ' and talking. -Support in school life discussed in sex education for the racist remarks will stop teaching a diverse way of life seen together in Q & A. × × Q How do I tell the information in is either. Put A classroom library books about LGBT ▽ newspapers used learning time along with other articles introducing LGBT-related ▽ put the iconic Rainbow toy classroom-, such as showing to be tried together. Q dealing with child cannot say to suffering? Must have A knowledge you ' may ' is not recognized. Homosexual and heterosexual love, 無性愛. Shall I tell you of lots of, a wide variety of life can be. Coming out (Declaration) even if it is important to create an environment free of discrimination, so as to subject of bullying. Have a child hurt with words such as 'Homo', 'Gay' for laughs. Stop sexist remarks of children in mind, of course, teachers themselves. Are supported in bath in Q health diagnosis or a school trip, etc? A LGBT is not showing the body, such as burns, even. To respond to allow shift health diagnostic time and location, private shower to use. Special treatment because we are not everyone wants proposed it can also separate.

Mar 212013
USA - Adopted son of two gay men to Justice Roberts: My family is ‘valuable’ and ‘worthwhile’

As the Supreme Court prepares to address marriage equality, one 12-year-old asked the chief judge to consider his own family when making the final decision. Daniel Martinez-Leffew, the adopted son of two gay dads, wrote to a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts–himself the father of two adopted kids — urging him to embrace marriage [...]

Mar 212013
Россия - Юноша повесился в тюрьме, чтобы никто не подумал, что он гей

The young thief Timothy Belozertsev from the village of Amman caught the robbery on February 9 in Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region, reported March 19 newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". As explained in the investigation Committee, Severoural′skom area of all suspects in the thefts sent to colony No. 3 Krasnotur′inska, where have placed under pre-trial detention. One day Timothy hit accidentally handed a mug of the so-called [...]

Mar 182013
Indonesia - Fahira Idris Minta Dipertemukan Musdah Mulia Soal LGBT

Activists # AntiMiras, Fahmi Idris Fahira pleaded not long ago got a complaint from a mother that her son's textbooks still JUNIOR material is already entered by the Group Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). According to his mother, Fahira Cubs still attended school in Pejaten, South Jakarta area the fret with one sentence in that book is written, "I am proud of [...]

Mar 112013
USA - Supreme Court justice answers girl's gay marriage letter

A Supreme Court justice has responded to an 11-year-old Wilson girl’s heartfelt appeal for federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Justice Sonia Sotomayor sent Cameron Myers Milne a letter and signed portrait after Cameron asked the high court to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act and require North Carolina to recognize her lesbian parents’ [...]

Mar 112013
New Zealand - Political youth wings come together to support same-sex marriage

All eight political parties’ youth wings have made a joint statement in support of same-sex marriage at Parliament this morning. The cross-party support came ahead of the second reading of a bill to legalise gay and transgender marriage on Wednesday. All youth representatives said their memberships overwhelmingly supported a change to marriage laws, though New [...]

Mar 072013
Singapore - Adam Lambert's Singapore concert gets “Advisory 16” rating for mature content

Fresh off the stages in Hong Kong and Shanghai on his “We Are Glamily” mini-tour, openly gay singer Adam Lambert’s two songs have been deemed unsuitable for younger audiences and his concert in Singapore this Friday has been rated “Advisory 16 and above (some mature content)” by Singapore’s media authority. Although Adam Lambert’s previous two [...]