Apr 102013
Suomi - Kysely lesbo-, homo-, bi- ja transnuorten hyvinvoinnista alkaa

Sexual and gender minorities from the life of the young people, the first time a broad domestic survey. A national questionnaire is produced by information on how living in Finland for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transnuoret experience of well-being. A study carried out by the youth research society and Seta. The query can answer online all 15 years and older sexual orientation or gender identity. Information is also collected in the adult as well as non-minority young people. [...]

Apr 072013
Vietnam - Triunfa serie de temática LGTB

Una nueva serie de temática LGTB está cosechando un importante éxito en Vietnam, país bastante conservador en lo que a la homosexualidad se refiere. Bajo el nombre My Best Gay Friends y distribuida por internet, la serie retrata la vida y amores de un grupo de jóvenes gays y lesbianas. El primer episodio de la serie ya ha sido visto [...]

Apr 052013
Россия - В Сыктывкаре подростки раздавали листовки в защиту прав геев

The Prosecutor's Office will begin checking the local LGBT community shares, if parents request a statement. The possibility of holding in the capital of the Komi Gay Parade a couple of weeks ago has caused a storm of feedback – the people discussed whether Feiertag in Russia to become the first city where a similar event legitimately agree the city authorities. After the final decision and document the Mayor pinned the March never came out [...]

Apr 042013
Deutschland - Neuer Infofolder gibt tipps, um homo- und transphobie an der schule abzubauen

In the school - a central social setting where are reflected the prevailing conditions, homophobic and transphobic abuse are unfortunately not uncommon. However, teachers do not always, however, intervene here - unless, because they see is "no problem", it is because they believe that they the behavior and the settings of their pupils [...]

Apr 032013
USA - Rutgers' firing of coach Mike Rice exposes a toxic locker-room culture

Bowing to pressure, Rutgers University has fired basketball coach Mike Rice, after video footage emerged showing Rice being physically and verbally abusive to his players. It’s the right decision, even if it only happened because ESPN showed the footage. There is a lot wrong about what Mike Rice did and how Rutgers has handled it. However, one [...]

Apr 012013
日本 - 同性愛者らが集まれる常設センター開設へ NPOが準備進める

Let's make a place where the community of persons with disabilities, including sexual minorities and their families peace of mind "Ehime" Rainbow pride decided to open this summer, "Ehime LGBT Community Center permanent (tentative name)" in Matsuyama city, Ehime Prefecture, is gearing up. According to representative men (42) in the Chugoku, Shikoku's first. Rainbow pride Ehime's NPOs carrying out awareness-raising activities, human rights of sexual minorities. Open City sanban-Cho 6-Chome Combs every month once every weekend Salon up for sometimes, has held the family Association. However, many people because the venue is public, around the eyes, dullness due date cannot come rail, close to the City Centre decided to good transportation Center opened. Installation site's not including signage, without announcing it. Inquiry as to tell the address. &Nbsp;   permanent Centre planned equiments et homosexuals to Songshan | Ehime newspaper ONLINE

Mar 302013
USA - Boston College's anti-condom rule makes no sense (Sally Holmes)

Earlier this month, Boston College, a Jesuit university, ordered the end to so-called Safe Sites — the eighteen student-run outlets on and off campus that provide free contraceptives and information on sexual health. According to the Boston Globe, the letter stated that providing their peers with forms of birth control conflicted with the students’ “responsibility to protect [...]

Mar 292013
Argentina - El INADI representará a la pareja gay agredida.

Pedro Robledo and Agustín Sargiotto, the gay couple who was assaulted a few days ago in San Isidro, held a meeting this week with officials of INADI. There, they agreed that the National Institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism will be presented as a Prosecutor in the criminal complaint against the offender Juan Ignacio Amenábar, exrugbier and Carmen Arriola from Marin College alumnus, [...]

Mar 282013
Chile - Investigation into gay hate-crime murder of Daniel Zamudio closed

Santiago’s North-Central District Attorney’s Office closed its investigation into the fatal assault on gay youth Daniel Zamudio Tuesday. Four men are accused with orchestrating the homophobic attack that occurred last March and will be charged within the next 10 days. “I can say categorically that we are convinced that the four defendants are guilty of [...]