May 142013
USA - Couple sues over adopted son’s early sex-assignment surgery

A South Carolina couple sued doctors and state social workers on Tuesday for subjecting a 16-month-old child born with both male and female genitalia to what they say was medically unnecessary and irreversible sex-assignment surgery while the toddler was in foster care. The state and federal lawsuits – believed by the couple’s lawyers to be [...]

May 082013
Polska - "Gej" i "lesbijka" wejdą do szkół? Posłowie chcą zmiany podręczników

Anna Grodzka and Robert Biedroń sounding the alarm. They checked that in over 350-page basis of programmatic or not fall the words "gay" or. "lesbian". This, however, only the beginning. The members follow the blow and to the minister of national education of Krystyna Szumilas flexicurity in the petition. Convince her that it is not known what about homo-and transseksualizmie have to know [...]

May 062013
Suomi - Seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjen tunteita selvitetään ensimmäistä kertaa

Sexual and gender minorities, for the first time, a comprehensive study of young people's life will be made. According to the survey, the Secretary General of the Seta and Aija Salon can participate other than young people. In Finland, a comprehensive query is needed in any case. – International trials has come to light that, for example, transgender people are experiencing in school bullying and depression more than others, which can affect their future prospects. Seta youth research society in the process of the poll [...]

Apr 242013
South Africa - Teen dies after being told he was not gay and 'beaten' at camp that 'makes men out of boys'

Raymond Buys, who had learning difficulties, was admitted to hospital and put on life support two months into a three-month training course run by Alex de Koker’s Echo Wild Game Rangers in the bush an hour south of Johannesburg. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, had brain damage, a broken arm and bruises, and cigarette [...]

Apr 242013
Sverige - Stockholmsskola inför könsneutralt omklädningsrum

Now, Sweden's first unisex dressing rooms. Södra latin Gymnasium in Stockholm has pushed the question now becomes reality. "We want to remain at the forefront of gender issues, says Camille Trombetti (photo) to Aftonbladet. They are the first in the country. But when asked about a third dressing room was raised was welcomed there and both school management and Student Council took the bait. – [...]

Apr 242013
한국 - 소년의 자살 10년 지났지만…동성애 따가운 시선은 여전

The boy did not understand the ending. I believe in God and those boys like boys ' evil '. ' Girl love ' instead of ' boy ' was just one of the reasons that. On April 25, 2003, John Doe (19-year-old at the time) the military broke the own life. Contending that homosexuality could not stay behind this known more leave school was the last consolation was the Office of LGBT rights organizations. "The dead stands squarely behind. 'I'm gay '. No longer mourn [...]

Apr 222013
Brasil - Estudantes pedem status gay no Facebook contra Feliciano

In preparation for a "beijaço", which will be held on Wednesday in Brasilia, the members of the National Assembly of the students Encyclopedia (ring) asked the students this week that change your relationship status on Facebook to people of the same sex. The protest is directed to the President of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) of the camera [...]

Apr 192013
Ghana - 19 'homosexual' students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School sacked

19 students of Opoku Ware Secondary High School in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi have been dismissed for practicing homosexuality in the school. According to XYZ News’ Ashanti regional correspondent, Isaac Bediako Justice, four out of the 19 students are in their first year while 15 are second and final year students. According to [...]