May 142013
Россия - Трагедия в Волгограде – предупреждение нашим политикам

Российское информационное агентство «Новости» опубликовало 14 мая статью «Что вдохновило убийц в Волгограде», автор которой Михаил Ростовский упрекает российских политиков в том, что они своими гомофобными действиями провоцируют жестокие убийства, подобные убийству Владислава Торнового в Волгограде 10 мая. «Самые чудовищные преступления часто совершаются под самыми благородными лозунгами. Трагедия в Волгограде, где два отморозка в целях [...]

May 082013
Indonesia - Alcaldesa: pide que los homosexuales sean azotados en público, para "erradicar esa enfermedad social".

The Mayor of a province in Indonesia requests that homosexuals are flogged in public, to "eradicate this social disease". Indonesia-the authorities of Aceh province want to integrate more violent repression measures against the LGBT community, seek to regulate spanking gays and lesbians. Adopted such control, men [...]

May 062013
Global health report: Blackmail, violence and stigma restrict access to sexual health services for gay men

The Global Forum for MSM and HIV has released an analysis of its 2012 Global Men’s Health and Rights Study (GMHRS) concentrating on young men under 30 who have sex with men (MSM), complementing the full report which came out in December 2012. Taken together, both reports reveal that MSM globally are faced with high [...]

Apr 292013
Magyarország - Megkezdődött a homofób debreceni gyilkos tárgyalása

Debrecen – the first instance of trial, in the Court of Debrecen, acting as a 25 year old young man, who, according to the prosecution last August in advance kitervelten, brutal cruelty for a murdered-unknown-until the day gay man, because he hates the nemükhöz heritage in their own people. The accused on Monday not to testify before the Court; previously, the [...]

Apr 252013
Chile - Critican a Carabineros por uso desproporcionado de la fuerza

The National Institute of human rights (NHRIS), today criticized Chile's Carabineros (militarized police) by the disproportionate use of force, degrading ill-treatment at police stations and the indiscriminate use of deterrent means demonstrations. The facts are highlighted in the 2012 annual report of this institution in the human rights programme and [...]

Apr 242013
South Africa - Teen dies after being told he was not gay and 'beaten' at camp that 'makes men out of boys'

Raymond Buys, who had learning difficulties, was admitted to hospital and put on life support two months into a three-month training course run by Alex de Koker’s Echo Wild Game Rangers in the bush an hour south of Johannesburg. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, had brain damage, a broken arm and bruises, and cigarette [...]