Feb 272013
Perú - (Video) Chorros de agua y gases para impedir una besada contra la homofobia en Lima

Two years later, the Peruvian Police returned to repress concentration 'Kisses against homophobia', convened Saturday in downtown Lima. Access to the square were blocked by order of the Government, using jets of water or even gas to prevent LGBT activists could carry out its Chile in the symbolic square, flanked [...]

Feb 012013
USA - A video is worth a thousand words: Recap of anti-gay pastors and politicians who turn out to be gay

This video takes a look at the anti-gay and homophobic pastors and politicians who turn out to be actually gay themselves. These men are hypocrites who repeatedly discriminated against homosexuals and passed legislation to withhold the rights of gay people. The pastors and politicians mentioned in this video are as follows: Ted Haggard, George A. [...]

Jan 302013
USA - Hillary Clinton's global legacy on gay rights

As Hillary Clinton makes a whirlwind round of appearances in her last days as secretary of state, one groundbreaking aspect of her work deserves a moment in the spotlight: In a bold departure with tradition, Clinton made the promotion of equality for gay people a core value of U.S. foreign policy. That is a transformative [...]

Jan 252013
"Italy: Love It or Leave It", a documentary by gay couple that shows the darker side of a country on the edge

Luca and Gustav are obliged to move out of their modest Roman apartment, which costs three times more than would a comparable flat in Berlin. Rents are high in Italy, as are unemployment and corruption and homophobia and fascist sympathies. No wonder so many of their young friends are emigrating to greener pastures in Europe’s [...]