Mar 212013
USA - Adopted son of two gay men to Justice Roberts: My family is ‘valuable’ and ‘worthwhile’

As the Supreme Court prepares to address marriage equality, one 12-year-old asked the chief judge to consider his own family when making the final decision. Daniel Martinez-Leffew, the adopted son of two gay dads, wrote to a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts–himself the father of two adopted kids — urging him to embrace marriage [...]

Mar 082013
Thailand - Red Cross affirms no gay blood policy in response to a YouTube protest.

The Thai Red Cross Society says it does not discriminate against gay people, but the policy not to accept them as blood donors is internationally applied. National Blood Centre director Soisaang Pikulsod, discussed the topic at the 21st Academic Annual Meeting of the National Blood Centre held on Wednesday. Dr Soisaang’s comment came after a [...]

Mar 072013
Australia - Sydney police prepare for Mardi Gras rally demanding external investigation

Police say the organisers of a protest march against alleged misconduct by officers during last weekend’s Sydney Mardi Gras have shown “little willingness” to meet with officers. Demonstrators are expected to march from Taylor Square in Darlinghurst to the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills about 6pm (AEDT) on Friday night, to demand an external [...]

Mar 042013
Polska - Popełnił "faux pas", "wywołał oburzenie" - zagraniczne media o wypowiedziach Wałęsy

“Zaryzykował zniszczenie swojego dziedzictwa”, “to było faux pas” – tak zagraniczne media opisują kontrowersyjne słowa Lecha Wałęsy na temat homoseksualistów. Dziennikarze przypominają jednocześnie, że były prezydent Polski nie pierwszy raz wyraża opinię, która nie spotyka się z powszechną aprobatą