Apr 112013
Uruguay - Matrimonio Igualitario pone fin a larga lucha de los homosexuales uruguayos

The approval Wednesday in the Uruguayan Parliament of the law of equal marriage, which gives the same name, rights and duties of heterosexual couples and homosexual unions, put endpoint to a long process of social awareness and political debate in the country oriented towards equality. In the absence of which the [...]

Apr 092013
Thailand - Red Cross policy to reject blood donations from homosexuals under fire

A video of three gay teenagers criticising the Thai Red Cross’s refusal of their blood donations has gone viral, highlighting the organisation’s international policy not to accept blood donations from homosexuals because, they say, of a higher risk of HIV contamination. The Thai Red Cross admits that 20 per cent of total blood donations have [...]

Apr 052013
USA - Texas A&M student president says ‘religious funding exemption’ bill has sullied school’s reputation

Texas A&M University’s student body president is seeking to tamp down a controversy over an effort to allow students to request that a portion of their tuition or fees not be used to pay for a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Resource Center. Student body president John Claybrook vetoed a bill Friday morning the student [...]

Apr 022013
USA - The county where no one is gay (John D. Sutter)

Statistically speaking, Franklin County, Mississippi should be straighter than John Wayne eating Chick-fil-A. The middle-of-nowhere rectangle in southwest Mississippi — known for its pine forests, hog hunting and an infamous hate crime — is home to exactly zero same-sex couples, according to an analysis of census data. In other words: It’s a place where gays don’t exist. [...]

Apr 022013
Australia - Man who was subject of Mardi Gras police brutality alleges "serious assault" in court

A man at the centre of an episode of apparent police brutality during Mardi Gras night in Sydney will make an allegation of “serious assault” by police, despite facing charges of assaulting police himself. Jamie Glenn Jackson Reed, 18, appeared in Downing Centre court today charged with assaulting two police officers, resisting arrest and using [...]

Mar 282013
Deutschland - Rogate-Kloster in Berlin sammelt Spenden für Homo-Festival

The monastery of Rogate collects one of the values which the Rogate-St. Michael's monastery of the Christian faith know obliged for Russian Film Festival which is use for human rights. It supports therefore activities that serve world's freedom of conscience and non-violence. The St. Petersburg-based "side by Side Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) International Film Festival" know [...]

Mar 262013
USA - The prehistory of gay marriage: Watch a 1971 protest at NYC's Marriage License Bureau

The gay-marriage fight, which this week reaches a major milestone with the Supreme Court hearing arguments about the constitutionality of same-sex marriage prohibitions, may seem like your classic 21st century culture war battle. But the first skirmishes did not take place in the 21st century. They didn’t take place in the 1990s. They didn’t even [...]