May 132013
Nuevo invento - “Pistola” que pone condones

The finales del pasado marzo, la fundación philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates anunció que le otorgará 100 thousand dollars en financiación al individual, group the compañía that reinvent el condón. La intención del contest es la invención de productos that foster mejoren las vidas de la gente más pobre del mundo. Joerg Sprave, [...]

May 102013
Deutschland - Transgender-Gemeinschaft fühlt sich von Bionade-Werbung angegriffen

What is a natural part of an artificial addition, what? The new commercial for a beverage manufacturer plays with traditional gender images. Members of the transgender community have come from Cola campaign before the head. A young woman with curly hair, high cheekbones, jewellery and plenty Make-Up leaves the stage with great applause. She are located in the mask behind the scenes [...]

Apr 292013
Vietnam - Gay sitcom becomes smash on internet

Vietnam’s first gay sitcom has become a YouTube sensation, racking up millions of views as support for legalising same-sex marriage strengthens within the communist government. Homosexuality was once seen as a social evil in Vietnam and the success of “My Best Gay Friends”, a low-budget series about three people sharing an apartment in southern Ho [...]

Apr 262013
Brasil - Filme “A Memória que me contam” mostra vida gay durante a ditadura

For the worshipers of cinema, premiere in July a national film that promises high technical quality and good laughs. Directed by Lucia Murat, "the memory that tell me" shows stories during the period of the military dictatorship and leash drama, humor and a touch of terrorism within a hostile environment. The chemistry looks good, it is [...]

Apr 222013
Finland - 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö,  Sweden - Marry me - gets a parody video 'in gay spirit'

A guy’s dream to legally marry his partner becomes true in this video. The Finnish representative Krista has been supporting campaigns for marriage equality around Europe. The parody video is a continuation in a series that started in 2010 with also the Finnish entry by Kuunkuiskaajat. Krista will sing her entry in the second semi-final [...]

Apr 172013
India - "Fastrack" challenges taboos, ask people to let go of societal norms with its latest ad campaign

A pink cupboard door opens and two young women stumble out of the closet, still fumbling with hot-pant zippers and tempramental skirts, and walk away in opposite directions. What were they up to inside? Well, they weren’t playing Backgammon that’s for sure. From slyly scooting out of the boy’s hostel to ending up in a [...]

Apr 152013
UK - Thatcher’s homophobia: why have we glossed over this legacy? (Claude Carpentieri)

In the flurry of hagiographies and tributes to Margaret Thatcher, her long list of heinous political acts seems to have been ENTIRELY forgotten. In particular, the way her rampant homophobia became integral to British law. Which, you will understand, hardly sits at ease with the relentless campaign to portray her as Holy. They may tell [...]