May 162013
actup.org will be on hiatus during relocation

actup.org will be on hiatus during relocation. In the meantime please “Participate” from the menu to learn more about ACT UP communities around the world. Digg Digg

Apr 242013
Suomi - Lapissa homoutta verhoaa hiljaisuus

Start is not promising. the 22-year-old Hanna P walks the blocks around and wonders, of Rovaniemi, do you dare to strut the Seta (sexual equality Association) the doors from the inside. Just got to Rovaniemi to study changed the woman is shy and has never spoken to a gay man. "Does this come on anything!" he finally huffs and leaves his home. Sixteen years later the memory of the bright smiles of a row House apartment in P [...]

Jan 272013
Fiestas en discotecas que terminan en tragedias mortales

The more than two hundred people killed this weekend in Brazil, are joining the list of dramatic events in party nights, such as the Madrid Arena or the Love Parade in Germany. The scene is repeated every time for similar reasons. Gauging overwhelmed, behind closed doors and some event that triggers the panic. [...]

Dec 182012
Philippines - Eddie Garcia wins 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Macau for "Bwakaw" for best actor as "grumpy old gay man"

Eddie Garcia has been named best actor at the 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Macau for his portrayal of a grumpy old gay man in “Bwakaw,” besting five other nominees from the region. The 83-year-old actor-director attended the festival Saturday at the Venetian Hotel in China’s gambling capital and accepted the award himself. Filmmaker Jun [...]

Nov 292012
Francia - Diputado conservador francés compara a los hijos de familias homoparentales con terroristas en potencia.

The escalation of homophobia unleashed as a result of the process of opening marriage to couples of the same sex adds and continues in France. The Deputy in the National Assembly by the Group of the conservative UMP Nicolas Dhuicq has come to assert that the problem of terrorists is the same as that of the younger servants in the [...]

Nov 282012
Uganda - Yale Divinity School LGBT Coalition calls for "Christian leaders to act immediately to condemn Bill"

We are future leaders of the Church, we are future educators and scholars in religious studies, and we are other concerned individuals who stand in solidarity to call upon you, our religious leaders, to publicly denounce the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” which is scheduled to be debated by the Ugandan Parliament, and which some Ugandan leaders have even vowed to pass as a “Christmas gift.”[1],[2] We emphatically call on you, regardless of your distinct theological views on homosexuality, to demand of your counterparts in Uganda that they oppose this nefarious legislation with all their effort and by all reasonable means available to them.