Jan 222013
Charlize Theron: What I am going to tell leaders in Davos, Switerland about AIDS

In the relatively short time AIDS has been known to the world, it has divided communities. It has killed because of stigma and ignorance. It has left millions of orphans. And it has caused untold suffering in sickness and death. My home country of South Africa has felt the impact of this pandemic in a [...]

Jan 212013
Worldwide - Burden of HIV in transgender women: 'Urgent need of prevention, treatment' (The Lancet)

Previous systematic reviews have identified a high prevalence of HIV infection in transgender women in the USA and in those who sell sex (compared with both female and male sex workers). However, little is known about the burden of HIV infection in transgender women worldwide. We aimed to better assess the relative HIV burden in [...]

Jan 172013
France - Des militantEs américains poursuivis pour avoir protesté contre les baisse du budget contre le VIH

En novembre dernier, des activistes d’Act Up New York, Act Up Philadelphie et de Health Global Access Project se sont déshabilléEs dans le bureau de John Boehner, président républicain de la Chambre des représentantEs pour protester contre les coupes budgétaires dans les programmes et services dédiés aux personnes vivant avec le VIH aux Etats-Unis.

Jan 142013
USA - Nobel Laureate (for reverse transcriptase) David Baltimore discusses new prophylaxis called "VIP"

Researchers may have discovered a way to protect against the transmission of HIV–aworldwide epidemic that now infects about 35 million people. Nobel Laureate Dr. David Baltimore and colleagues at his Caltech lab are injecting mice with a powerful prophylaxis called VIP. And guess what? It works. Caltech postdoctoral fellow Alex Balazs is heading up this groundbreaking research. So is it now time [...]

Jan 142013
Philippines - 46,000 people living with HIV forecast for 2015 at cost of 1.38 billion pesos

Government will likely have to spend approximately P1.38 billion annually by 2015 to provide treatment to the projected 46,000 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive Filipinos, a member of Congress said. “The amount is based on the projection that some 46,000 HIV-positive Filipinos may require treatment by then, multiplied by P30,000 per head,” said LPG-MA Rep. Arnel [...]

Jan 012013
USA - Insurer to deliver HIV medicine via mail order only

Patients insured by Anthem Blue Cross who need HIV medication must move their prescriptions to a specially designated mail-order pharmacy by March 1, The move, made by the insurer to control costs, is opposed by specialty pharmacies. Anthem, said company spokesman Darrell Ng, originally sent letters to its customers informing them that they would have [...]

Dec 182012
Canada - People with HIV hospitalized less often since combination antiretroviral drug therapy introduced

People with HIV are being hospitalized in Ontario significantly less often than they were 15 years ago when combination antiretroviral drug therapy (cART) was introduced, new research has found. However, women with HIV are still hospitalized more than men with HIV as are low-income people with HIV compared with high-income people with HIV, according to [...]

Dec 172012
ACT UP/San Francisco - "Stop GILEAD: End AIDS Profiteering" protest and demonstration December 18

ACT UP/San Francisco demands an end to Gilead’s AIDS profiteering! This year Gilead released an ‘new’ HIV medication – Stribild – at a cost of 28,500 dollars annually! This over inflated price has been deemed to costly for ADAP patients in New York, as it would bankrupt any budget stretched program. In addition to Gilead’s new combo drug [...]