Mar 042013
Costa Rica - La Asociación de Psicólogos condena las terapias contra la homosexualidad

The Association of psychologists of Costa Rica issued a statement defending that treatments should aim at removing the stigma. Last July, the leader of Costa Rica human rights, Justo Orozco described homosexuality as a sin, and that sexual orientation can be changed. Recently, the legislature has had to ask [...]

Feb 282013
Uganda - Human Rights Commission opposes mandatory HIV testing

Uganda Human Rights Commission has opposed mandatory HIV testing as envisaged in the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill that is before Parliament. The commission also rejected a provision on criminalization of attempted and intentional transmission of the virus as well as a provision that permits medical practitioners to disclose HIV positive test results [...]

Feb 272013
Agreement allows pediatric HIV drug to be sold at low cost to countries in need

An agreement announced this morning between a U.N.-backed health organization and a partnership of three pharmaceutical companies will open the license for a pediatric HIV drug to be manufactured and sold at low cost to countries in need. The joint venture between Medicines Patent Pool and ViiV Healthcare — comprised of AIDS research units from [...]

Feb 212013
USA - Every 9.5 minutes another person contracts HIV. Is HIV being shortchanged? (Seth Rosen)

Every 9.5 minutes another person contracts HIV in the United States. Approximately 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV, but almost one in five is unaware of his or her HIV status. In 2009, 17,000 people died from AIDS in the U.S., and the CDC calls this a “stable” trend. Of course, that’s unless you are black (12 to 14 percent of [...]

Feb 202013
USA - US Institute of Medicine report recommends devolution for US global AIDS relief programme

The huge, ten-year-old US programme that provides HIV treatment and prevention in dozens of developing countries needs to begin shifting to host-country ownership of the programme, according to an advisory report released today. The 700-page report, from the US Institute of Medicine, also says that the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which spent [...]

Feb 202013
Indonesia - Number affected with HIV in East Kalimantan increased 20-fold in 9 years, provincial AIDS commission

The number of people affected with HIV/AIDS in East Kalimantan has increased more than twenty-fold over the past nine years, the provincial AIDS commission says. The figure increased to a total of 3,471 cases in 2012 from 170 cases in 2003. “The figure continues to rise,” Junanto, the East Kalimantan AIDS Commission (KPAD) secretary, said [...]

Feb 192013
USA - Inmates living with HIV too expensive for private prison operators? (Christopher Petrella)

Defenders of the for-profit prison industry reflexively insist that privatization—or the process of subjecting “correctional services” to market pressures—will naturally generate efficiencies as companies respond to competitive forces. They claim that the “market incentives” will generate the types of efficiencies that lay beyond the scope and capacity of public corrections agencies. Despite flimsy empirical support, [...]

Feb 192013
België - Warning Brussel presenteert Mr HIV 2013 voor holebi en trans + foto's.

Warning Brussel lanceert “Mr. HIV 2013”, een reeks fotoportretten die als doel hebben de serofobie te bestrijden en het actieve burgerschap van personen met HIV binnen het homomilieu te promoveren. Deze serofriendly campagne richt zich voornamelijk tot de holebi en transgender gemeenschap van de hoofdstad en wordt gesteund door het Ministerie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (Gelijke Kansen en Diversiteit).

Feb 152013
USA - FDA gives priority review status to experimental drug, dolutegravir, for HIV/AIDS

U.S. regulators gave priority review status to an experimental GlaxoSmithKline drug for HIV/AIDS, which industry analysts view as a possible multibillion-dollar-a-year seller. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration awards certain drugs priority status when they have the potential to offer significant improvement over existing treatments. The agency is due to give its verdict on whether [...]

Feb 142013
India - In tribal area of Vizianagaram, 7.8% of gay men are living with HIV, among trans people it is 29-40%

The Gay population has been increasing in tribal areas, of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts. According to the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), department of AIDS Control, roughly 0.36 per cent of the Indian population are living with HIV/AIDS. The statistics show that 7.8 per cent of the country’s Gay men are HIV positive. Among the [...]