Apr 022013
Venezuela - La diputada Dinorah Figuera: “El gobierno se ha olvidado de los pacientes con VIH”

"The Government has forgotten the patients with HIV and does not guarantee them the drugs they need." Since November 2009, there have been failures in the provision of anti-retroviral drugs and the of reagents for the control and monitoring of HIV. The failures have been recurring in all States of the country " [...]

Apr 012013
USA - Undocumented Latinos in Houston get into HIV treatment "dangerously late", new study

A recent study conducted at a free clinic in Houston found undocumented Latinos with HIV infections enter care with more advanced disease than other patients. Despite getting medical care at later dates, however, undocumented Latinos with HIV achieved similar success in treatment as documented Latino and white patients. HIV doctors and researchers have long warned that it [...]

Mar 112013
Bali - HIV cases in sex workers falling. High mortality partial explanation. Risky behavior persists.

A new survey has revealed a mixed picture of HIV cases, with cases in commercial sex workers in Bali showing a downward trend for the last two years. D.N. Wirawan, a medical professor at Udayana University in Denpasar, who is also a noted researcher in HIV/AIDS, theorized that there were three possible major reasons for [...]

Mar 112013
UK - HIV policy has collapsed and gay men will not escape the legacy (Stuart Home)

In the past few weeks several pieces of research have been published that illustrate the current nature of the HIV epidemic in the UK. As a brief overview, the data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) unfortunately reinforced what anyone following this issue for several years already knows. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) continue to [...]

Mar 042013
ACT UP-Paris: Victoire pour les médicaments génériques en Inde

L’organe d’appel de la propriété intellectuelle a rejeté aujourd’hui la demande du laboratoire Bayer qui souhaitait faire arrêter la production et la vente de versions génériques de la molécule anticancéreuse sorafenib tosylate.
La firme pharmaceutique allemande avait en effet fait appel de la première licence obligatoire indienne autorisant le génériqueur Natco pharma LtD à produire du sorafenib tosylate 97% moins cher que la version commercialisée par Bayer.

Mar 042013
Latin America - Violence against transgender women hinders HIV efforts (Hope Gillette)

HIV prevalence among transgender women in Latin American countries is significantly higher (35 percent) when compared to the HIV incidence among the rest of the female population (less than 1 percent), reports the Huffington Post UK. Transgender women in Latin America also face far more difficulties when it comes to accessing HIV prevention and care, [...]